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Even though you own a small company, you have to build the confidence of consumers, provide product in a competitive price and develop a lasting business relationship.
To discover targeted possible client on the web, you may use the Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) internet marketing. To make use of online marketing for business would be to understand how internet marketing campaign works. Brick and mortar business has a HUGE capital whereas Forex trading is very risky which leaves us with one method left – Starting your own Online Business. Having an Online Business is the most convenient way for the little guy to start earning a secondary income without having any huge capital to start but more importantly, without having any risk. However the internet is very huge and there are many ways on how people earn money such as selling your service as a freelancer, filling up surveys, becoming a part-time writer or even scamming people. If you’re curious on what those scams are that I joined and promoted during those early days of my discovery of internet business, there are actually a number of them which are CB Passive Income, Empower Network, iPAS 2, and Pure Leverage – All of those which I have made reviews for immediately after finding out that those are scams.
There are actually many more scam programs which mask themselves as the good guy but in the end only sucking your money dry and I’ve made reviews for each of them here.
The best, safest and cheapest one would be by building a website of your own and promoting it.
Sure, you can opt to become a part-time writer or fill up surveys but that takes up a huge amount of your time, it’s very tiring and the pay isn’t as huge not to mention you having to work in order to get paid.
Work at your own pace – Not only is it your own business, it’s also online which means that you can work anytime you want by simply by turning on your computer. All your work is saved online – You don’t need to keep a copy of your file and save it somewhere just in case as how we usually do in the office world because since your work is on your website, it is already saved in Google! Huge reputation – Building a website is no easy feat and it takes a lot of work to make it successful so if you managed to build one, people are going to respect your decision as they too would one day like to have a website of their own. There are no cons for starting an Online Business because you are not spending any money on it to begin with but if there is, I would say that the cons would be that it might take a few months before your website can take off and get recognized which means that you should not quit your job just yet.
It’s important to be realistic when building your website because although you will be earning, you won’t earn overnight because you actually have to put in effort for it to grow. It is after all, a business so it starts small and will grow only if you manage your website and build it to grow into an authority website.
Passion helps you specify your website even more and makes the content process later on smooth as butter but the right word for that I suppose, is niche. Do not be picky when choosing the best niche because personally, it doesn’t really matter if you cannot rank your website well in the first place.
Choose a keyword based on your niche – Choosing your domain based on your keyword can actually give you a small boost in SEO which means that website name alone can help you get ranked on the first page of Google fast.
For this step, it’s more to relaxation because in the internet business, building a website is easy, the hard part is creating the content which we will cover later on.

As you may have known on the video, the website platform that we use is Site Rubix which is created by an Online Business course called Wealthy Affiliate for its community. There are many free website platforms around such as Weebly and Webs but the reason I recommend using Site Rubix is because it focuses on website safety and performance and it has a very cool interface which lets you see your website’s health so it’s very newbie-friendly. Another reason as to why I recommend Site Rubix to create your website is because it is also the ONLY free website provider that allows you to transfer your contents from your free website to any domains that you would want! This is actually a pretty neat trick not found in anywhere on the internet because it shows that they encourage you to have a free test drive at building a website before you are confident enough to buy a new one.
Now that you have a website at hand (Yaay!), your last step is to create contents because without it, your website will be nothing but an empty shell. If they want to find ways on how to play a certain video game, you can use your screenshot and show you how you do it.
If there is a certain controversy, it is also probably a great idea to touch a little on that because this will bring in loads of readers and gossipers to your website which can make your site look popular. A lot of people say that the best way to make money from your website is to sell your own product. A lot of people use Affiliate Marketing as a means to earn money while they focus on creating their own product but throughout my experience, 95% of Internet Marketers I meet stays in Affiliate Marketing because of the benefits and money that they get. The reason a lot of Internet Marketers fail is because they do not have the support they need to get started online.
The easy way – Joining an Online Business course where there’s a community of thousands of people who are just as enthusiastic as you willing to help each other grow and avoid pitfalls and the best one to date, is Wealthy Affiliate.
Wealthy Affiliate is an Online Business course which teaches you all you need to know in order to build a successful website and monetize. It is beginner-friendly and the lessons are always updated because as Google updates its system, you need to learn how to understand its patterns so that you can propel your website further and rank on the first page while your competitors are struggling.
The art of ranking your site on first page is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and it’s one of the main things you will learn at Wealthy Affiliate which is why I highly recommend you to check it out. Although it is similar to a physical business in the offline world, having an Online Business differs when it comes to growth and sales. When you first build your website, the cold hard truth that you need to know is that you will not get sales immediately, probably until a few weeks. And when you do get your first sale, you won’t immediately shoot up high to 100 sales on that week too and there’s an explanation to this.
This is because your website is still very new and the mark Google set for new websites before they are considered to be in the big leagues is 3 months. However it is still possible to earn fast from your website through direct marketing, I used to promote my website to my friends when I first made it and they were very supportive to promote it to their friends and colleagues as well. Although direct marketing may be good, I would actually consider that the ‘bonus’ way of making money because when it comes to Online Business, the aim is to make passive income so that people will buy from you even when you sleep.

The idea of passive income for an Online Business is achievable because as you write fresh content every now and then, ALL of those content will appear in Google for everyone to see forever!
Coming back to the story, it is important to set your expectations straight and never give up hope because the first few months will definitely be like a roller coaster.
As you can see, even I had a rough time getting traffic throughout the month but if you persevere and never give up, you traffic will eventually shoot up and you will rise amongst the stars. Although the idea of starting an Online Business is great especially with the low barrier to entry (Practically no barriers at all), the journey to get there may take some time. However if you persevere and go through that rough roller coaster month the moment you launched your website, believe me it will all be worth it because hard work pays off and before you know it, your website will start to shoot up high and grab more traffic than you could ever imagine! If you’re interested in learning more about starting an Internet business of your own, check out my #1 recommended program here. But if you keep working on it, your website will keep growing and growing which means your income will never stop increasing too, a least not if Google went bankrupt. Although I’ll be teaching you how to build one for free, people still have the perception that building a website will cost you thousands of dollars.
This is because it will be much easier for your visitors to remember the name not to mention type it in the search bar. Because blogging helps you get huge amounts of readers with NO cost at all because basically, all you do is write about something and post it on your website.
Using the current boom from the internet, just how can a small company utilize this new technology.
You can outsource the whole process to an internet marketing consultant if you do not have the time. Business 2 Hungary is a Business Blog focused on contributing business related information, guidelines and ideas beneficial to individuals aiming to start their own businesses. Anytime a person types within the keywords in the major search engines, your ad is going to be listed across the search result.
You will be one step ahead of your competitors, by using the internet as your advertising tools.
Feel free to scan, browse and discover helpful materials that you need or may need in the future as you hit the road to success. Your business will grow if you can put yourself in front of these people when they are looking for information related to your business.

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