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Jogging can help you lose or maintain weight, as well as maintain bone mass -- both important physical health issues for people over age 40. Step 2Focus on pumping your arms as you walk to increase your cardio benefits and power yourself forward, while more closely mimicking jogging movements. Step 3Increase the length of time you jog during the brisk walking intervals each day until you are jogging for the entire one to two minutes.
Track your progress on paper or using a jogging app to be encouraged by slow, steady progress.

In addition to being good for your weight and bone health, jogging is also a convenient form of exercise that doesn't require a lot of expensive gear. Once it begins to feel easier to jog for one to two minutes, begin to lengthen your jogging intervals and shorten your walking intervals until you are jogging most or all of the time. Wear clothing that wicks sweat and moisture away from your skin, so you can stay cool or warm depending on the weather.
It's best to start slow -- consider alternating intervals of jogging and walking to build up your jogging time and meet your fitness goals without injury.

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