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The term Spirit Guide generally makes reference to one or more entities who watch, teach, heal, and help you throughout your life. As you become accustomed to the energy and the light your guides are bringing in with them, you will start discovering your own unique abilities to communicate. The purpose of finding your spirit guide is to get information not available at this level of conscious awareness.
The term Spirit Guide refers to one or more entities who watch, teach, heal, and help you on your physical journey into higher consciousness. Each guide generally comes to you for a specific purpose - creative abilities, healing issues, spiritual development, etc. I have discovered that people who live in balance have humorous spirit guides and manifest positively in the physical, faster now than ever before, and in a healthy way. Those with mental illnesses, even unrecognized, yet sensed, will attract negative experiences and blame it on their guides or dark forces. To help get a point across, spirit guides work with you 'above' to create viable synchronicities that occur below. Spirit guide is a term used by the Western tradition of Spiritualist Churches, mediums, and psychics to describe an entity that remains a disincarnate spirit in order to act as a guide or protector to a living incarnated human being. American Spiritualists of the 19th and 20th centuries often described their guides as resembling Native Americans. Today you will ask spirit questions that are not personal, and can be answered by Yes or No. You may have met more than one guide by this time and learning about the many ways each one guides you.

David's work harnesses the power of spiritual symbols and sacred geometry to bring those wearing them health, happiness, vitality, abundance, and above all - love. I finally know the name of my spirit And it came by way of a dream and a name and some how I googled it. I've known for awhile that my spirit guide is with me, and I was told that we knew each other in the past.
Hi, I am originally in the empath community but I really need to find my way to my spirit guide. When you tap into this stream of spiritual light, their light becomes one within you, and combined with the energy from the Source, it heals our every need.
Judi lives near Huntsville, AL and works full time as a Psychic Medium, Spiritual Adviser, Healing Energy Channel, Author and Teacher.
Communication is telepathic, =through clairaudience, and clairvoyance, observed during meditation, dreamtime, or just learning how to focus you thoughts to receive messages.
Traditionally, within the spiritualist churches, spirit guides were often stereotyped ethnically, with Native Americans, Chinese or Egyptians being popular for their perceived ancient wisdom.
Alice Bailey also described having contact with a spirit teacher whom she called "The Tibetan".
One popular spirit guide of this type, encountered by many Anglo-American Spiritualists, was named White Hawk. I have been told before who my spirit guide is but I don't feel him and sad to say it's been ten years since I could remember his name or where he came from, how do I go about finding the answers I'm looking for, also how do I know for sure it is him and not something bad trying to get in. For those practicing advanced spirituality, meditation helps them to strengthen the connection to their source energy.

If Spirit is coming through to you and healing your needs and comforting your fears, where and how you connect makes no difference. She is the founder of the Crystal Healing Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit charity dedicated to Healing through raising spiritual consciousness with psychic communication, energy healing, ascension awareness, crystals and meditation.
This does not mean that your guide will tell you everything - like lottery numbers or things that you are not programmed to experience. As with most guides he played many roles in shaping reality as we know it, the best known being Thoth. Among African-American Spiritualists, especially those in churches that were founded by or influenced by Mother Leafy Anderson, the Native American guide was named Black Hawk, and was presumed to be the spirit of the Fox tribe warrior of the same name.
The guides, ascended masters and angels who help convey knowledge, insight and healing heed to this connection. Teresa Caputo, The Long Island Medium, simply calls hers "Spirit" and has described it as a "high level spirit" who has never incarnated. While in a high vibrational state of meditation, you are completely able to control the physical body with the spiritual body and be conscious of it; thereby training your mind to stay in this state while awake. Your body can be in a constant state of renewal and recharge if you are channeling in higher realms during meditation.

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