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Our nation will be cleaner, greener, better educated, safer and will have a more secure future. Born and raised in New York but now living in New Jersey with a beautiful & loving wife, two fantastic kids and a great big yellow lab.
Clinton presided over the repeal of the quintessential banking regulation of the Great Depression, the Glass-Steagall Act, and over trade agreements that favored business at the expense of the environment and workers, not to mention repeal of public assistance to poor women and their children. That crash supposedly led to the depression, which in order not to scare the people, was called a depression instead of a panic, the former name for economic turmoil. Political Responses to the Great Depression Maurice DuplessisJ.S.

Depending on the type of jobs that are created, we can make a move toward greening the economy and can also begin to develop physical and social infrastructures that support a more efficient economy and a better-educated, better cared for and healthier population and workforce. Since the depression was the largest and most important in the 20th century, it was then called the Great Depression. It was the external threat of World War II that forced the Roosevelt administration to spend enough to end the Great Depression. This plan believed that the power of the federal government was needed to save the depression. The Military spending was much greater and thus put the economy back in its place, but full recovery only occurred after the war was over.

Wether this crash signified the begining of the depression is still a debated subject, to be left for another day.

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