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Slowly, a pattern started to emerge: Big, massive, overzealous changes almost always backfired and led to disillusionment and disappointment. Quite without our knowledge, the relationship between my husband and me started to change, as well. I still have ways to go, but the change, the transformation that I was seeking, is happening.
Toward the end of last year, in a moment of quiet reflection, I listed some of the small shifts in attitude that have helped me so, and others that I seek to practice in the New Year. When we look at all the wonderful things in life, the things that don’t go well start to seem trivial. Our life seems like a drag when we compare our “behind-the-scenes” with the highlight reel of someone else’s life.

Easier said than done, but the more easily we can say “sorry” and “thank you” (and really mean it), the less hold ego has on our life.
The Kaizen approach has really opened my eyes to some of the reasons why I’ve not stuck with certain goals in the past.  It has also shown me the steps that can lead to my success and how to make it through the overwhelming feeling of change by taking smaller steps, asking smaller questions and gradually implementing change in my life.
By savvyscot As we approach the end of this 10 part series, hopefully you have picked up at least a couple of pointers and made a change or two. By savvyscot For those of you who are new to the ‘Change Your Life Series’ then fear not – there is still time to make a huge difference.
I’ve been focusing on making more and more of these small, tiny changes and they have been paying off big time.
Being open to accepting failure and constantly learning makes life so much simpler and beautiful.

Maurer explains that making small changes in ones life can produce big results that last.  The technique is called Kaizen. Maurer says this is actually a form of fear, and if the fear of change is too great, change will not occur.
But if we take small baby steps, we do not engage the fight or flight mechanism and eventually our brain comes to accept the gradual change.

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