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First thing each week – or even every morning, if you’re an organizational all-star – make a list of all of your work-related tasks.
And above all, remember that the best stress relief comes from stepping back from your endless to-do list from time to time to just have fun – because those are the memories that will stick with you even after 2013 has come and gone.
Kristen Walker is a professionally trained life coach for people in their 20s and 30s and the co-founder of Clarity on Fire Coaching, a life coaching company specifically for Millennials who want to figure out their passion, turn it into a viable career, and create a solid plan to find freedom. Levo arms you with the tools to develop your talent, build connections with peers, mentors, and jobs. I don’t mind paying for something that will help me improve and simplify my life, but there are some amazing free resources out there that I use and highly recommend. Evernote simplifies your life by giving you a place to store everything digitally, easily search what you need, and access it from anywhere. Dropbox simplifies your life by giving you an easy way to back up your computer, share files, and if you use your phone to take lots of pictures like me, you can easily back them up to Dropbox and free up space on your phone for more awesome photos.
These simple updates will simplify your life by reminding you what’s most important in the midst of farm crush and candy ville updates from your friends. This will help you simplify your life by making you smile, reminding you to rest, and giving you great examples of where to start. Read it here.

This webinar will simplify your life by giving you great ideas to work with a smaller wardrobe, and show you how the simplicity of dressing with less can inspire other ways of living with less. But consider this: A study called “The Impact of E-mail Communication on Organizational Life” explains that “switching between tasks result[s] in a delay before engaging effectively in a new task, even if the worker had been previously engaged in the task. Make a point to physically get up from your seat once an hour, even if it’s just to walk down the hall for a glass of water. A coach will help you clarify your overarching goals so you make more conscious decisions and create a realistic plan for success. Facebook won’t simplify your life, but if you are already using it, infusing your feed with simple inspiration might help. I’ll definitely check out Evernote since your are the second person to recommend it this week. Your time and expertise is valuable, and you should be spending the majority of your time on critical tasks that require your unique skillset. You may not think you have time to devote to cleaning your office, but clearing your workspace – including files and programs on your computer – will likely save you time in the long run. Plus, your coach will provide support and accountability as you take steps to simplify your workday and balance your life overall.

Take her short, free quiz -- The Passion Profile Quiz -- to determine your ideal relationship between your passion and your career.
There's just something great about coming into work and actually seeing your desk (in contrast to piles of paper and maybe even trash). Delegating and having a life coach have definitely helped me to manage the load of both work AND life recently. If there’s no one in your company who you can delegate to, talk to your boss about the possibility of hiring a freelancer or virtual assistant. Instead, close your email window when you’re focused on an assignment, and dedicate 10-15 minutes every couple of hours solely to reading and responding to emails. Even minor physical activity will get your blood circulating, which means your mind will stay clear all day. The more time you spend on specialized, critical tasks, the more value you bring to your company.

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