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Having spoken about the meaning of video games at TEDxExeter, I read the recent TED Blog posts “10 online games with a social purpose” and “7 talks on the benefits of gaming” with great interest. A better way, I’m suggesting, is to not rule out the possibility that games may have intrinsic value beyond the harm or improvement sphere.
Although video games like to think they are leading the pack, board games have actually been doing this for years already. This is new thinking, and hard to grasp at first because of our preconceptions about what games can be. My TEDx talk, “Sustainable perspectives on video games,” is about critiquing video games on a similar level to books and films, while at the same time allowing them to be themselves.
It’s perspectives like these that will enable us to escape our polarized harm-or-improvement mindset when it comes to video games. This year’s Turner Prize winner was just announced: Elizabeth Price for her 20-minute video dealing with a catastrophic 1979 fire in a Woolworths department store in Manchester in which 10 people died.
Game designer Jane McGonigal firmly believes that video games are not just about mashing buttons and getting to the next level. Having finally landed a position within the game industry, I can absolutely affirm that there are a great number of strong similarities between the production of a film and the production of a video game. Interactivity being the key distinguishing characteristic of video games versus other visual media, the player’s experience is a huge focus in development. When it comes to purchasing different types of video games, there are numerous options for you to choose from. Although playing video games can have some negative effects, it can sometimes prove a healthy activity for your children, according to several tests and studies. According to a quantity of studies like the one performed at the condition of Utah University, with the help of certain activities like playing video games, the children or any other individuals suffering from sickness such as the autism, frustration, and the Parkinson disease could be handled the top. Over the past few years, the popular opinion of video games was that they were a highly negative disruption in the lives of their players, especially teenagers.

Many games feature complex puzzles that demand the player to think outside the box and to use their creative problem solving skills. There are different motives in every game but the main thing is to shoot and kill anyone that threatens you in the game. There is always news about the effects of video games on children, both positive and negative. With the video games spring up rapidly, many parents are frustrated seeing their kids spending all day in front of the computer playing video games. However, even with all the talks available, the posts still focused on justifying games by their secondary benefits. This leads to the risky step of suggesting games can be about something more than entertainment. Brenda Brathwaite’s TEDx talk, “Games for a Change” is a great explanation of how her board games challenge the player to think, reconsider and reflect in a way we usually associate with books and films. Although a little overshadowed by advances in realistic visuals, at its heart, this is Perry’s case for understanding games as more than entertainment. In it, I make the case that we need to start talking and thinking differently about video games if we are to capitalize on their unique version of storytelling. Instead we can be honest about the existence of problematic game experiences and consider whether there is more than entertainment here. The kids who perform certain activities like playing games were seen getting smart in their developments like strength, power and fighting soul.
However, children can benefit from a moderate amount of time playing either violent or non-violent video games. When they play video games, they have to solve many unusual problems, many of which they must solve very quickly.
We often call games as a bad habit because we thought that they do absolutely no good for children.

Supporters congregate into defensive groups, highlighting not only their entertainment and relaxation value, but touting that they have educational and self-improvement benefits too.
The irony in this equation is that if we judged novels, films or music solely in terms of potential harm or self-improvement, we’d miss their value in just the same way as we are missing a key part of what makes video games culturally significant. Of course there’s no conspiracy here, but this curation reflects our tendency to file positive stories about games away in the educational or self-improvement pigeon hole.
This talk led me in surprising directions, as people were both perplexed and intrigued at how a video game could offer a meaningful cultural experience.
It will be interesting to see how long it takes video games to make this same crossing into the cultural mainstream. But unlike books that tell us a tale or films that show us a story, games invite us to overhear and interact with their narratives. It is a good way to vent our aggression in such shooting games, because you get an opportunity to shoot various objects and characters in the games. But yes, in a move that’s probably been expected since the ad was concepted, British authorities have pulled a subway poster that uses the tagline, “Inner peace through outer violence.” It’s part of a Wieden + Kennedy campaign for the video game Burnout Dominator. One such direction — an invitation from Exeter Cathedral to incorporate a video game as an integral element of their Sunday worship.
By playing these types of games, you can benefit a lot for they can improve your skills such as planning, leadership and concentration abilities. I have to admit I was both taken back at the invitation and surprised by how well the game we chose, Flower on the Playstation 3 (pictured at the top of this post), fit into the spiritual setting.

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