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A sense of self-discipline is a necessary and vital skill for students to develop in order to become successful and productive citizens of the world. The skills are aimed to encourage teachers and parents to rethink their role as disciplinarians and teachers of self-discipline. Children brought up without being taught how to self-discipline may become ostracized, greedy or uncooperative.It is the ultimate goal of discipline not to obey elders, but to have self-control so that they learn to respect rules or guidelines.

This program of instilling self-discipline and characteristics into the young students has been a successful part of schools across the country. Children learn self-discipline from how others have treated them and how they have treated others.
It must be a mission for all schools to teach students how to be self-disciplined, if educators are truly aiming to educate the whole child in an effort to develop students who are productive and responsible citizens of our global community.

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