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The self-improvement industry thrives on those who do think of changing themselves, and that industry is now embracing smartphone apps. Everest (free): A goal-setting app that lets you break down goals into steps and reminds you to complete them. Sociidot (free): A goal-setting app that lets you visualize goals and create “dots” for the steps you need to take to get there. Unstuck (free): An app that helps you resolve problems, get motivated, or deal with other “stuck” moments.

Happier (free): An app where you share positive moments in your day with a simple note or photo. Stress Check (free): An app that measures your heart rate variation using the camera and light features on your smartphone.
Headspace (free): An app with daily guided meditations to help you relax, increase creativity, reduce distraction, and more. Below are some of the best self-improvement apps, which can help you achieve your goals, solve your problems, relax and get happier, and sharpen your mind.

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