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Read creative proposal ideas by other visitors on this page or share your own romantic marriage proposal stories.
In fact for many young ladies, romantic wedding proposals don't have to be unique or done in exotic locations, they only have to be memorable and make them feel like they are really wanted and valued. As wedding proposal stories go, this one will entertain your children and grandchildren for years to come, as well as give your wife bragging rights of the day her true love gave her a Tiffany engagement ring and became her fiance. The Santa Claus proposal is a little similar in theme to the previous one, but the Father Christmas costumes and tradition of girls sitting on Santa's knee and asking for a present is priceless.
The skywriter marriage proposal is one for those whose fear of heights preclude them from the parachute proposal. For those romantic fools who love poetry, what could be better than beautiful wedding proposal poems. There are so many opportunities for the romantic wedding proposal in a holiday resort or mystery weekend away. For those take-charge women, tired of waiting for the eventual marriage proposal, or for those just plain impatient ladies, you don't have to wait for an eclipse or a seven year courtship. Okay, okay, I know some people will cringe in horror at the prospect of a marriage proposal in front of 80,000 people, but yes, it is highly irregular.
Click on the links below to see more ideas or real life stories of romantic proposals, contributed by other visitors to this page. The 'Spoiled The Surprise' Cruise Proposal Weeks before we set sail, he spoiled the surprise by telling me I was going to get engaged during the cruise (HUGE mistake). Engagement Proposal in a Hot Air Balloon I was trying to come up with a very memorable engagement proposal idea as my brothers all had really cool ones and I really needed to bring my "A" game.
Fortune Cookie Marriage Proposal Book a romantic evening at the best Chinese restaurant in town.
Glacier Marriage Proposal I am stationed in alaska and I flew my girlfriend up for Christmas.

The Lake Proposal One summer my boyfriend and I were both camp counselors at camps that were just down the road from each other. The skiddoing Proposal My boyfriend and I where skidooing on a weekend with the kids all day.
Many are gathered from around the web, some we’ve heard first hand and others are our dream proposal ideas.
If you can’t afford a ring just yet or decide spontaneously that tonight is the night and theres not enough time to acquire one, buy a bracelet an hour or so before and have the back engraved with “Marry me!” She’ll never expect that bracelet shaped box to mean you’re proposing! Another beach idea is to wait for your girl to drift asleep on her lounge chair while you write the sand (or arrange with shells) the words “will you marry me” a few feet out of her eye range.
Get to the mailbox before her to slip in an extra-special package…your engagement ring and proposal! It will take some coordinating, people gathering and potentially choreography skills, but if you’re aiming for a public proposal a flash mob is a really fun modern way to go. Order Chinese taker and create a personalized fortune cookie with your own proposal message. Make her feel like a movie star and set your proposal to the scene of her favorite romantic movie. When she opens her Christmas present and turns to her young man, he proposes marriage and a Tiffany Blue themed wedding. If you've opted for parachuting, the proposal has to come after the chute opens, otherwise the authenticity of the acceptance comes into question, not to mention the weirdness of waiting until she answers before pulling the ripcord. It's central plank is to scare the daylights out of the girl and then finish her off with a marriage proposal and ring.
Whether you opt for a Shakespearean sonnet - or even better - a self composed one engraved on a metal plate, it will mark this as one of the unique wedding proposals. It will be comparitively easy to get the hotel staff to help you prepare a marriage proposal card, message in a bottle or note for the young lady to find.

Be sure to read all the way through to find an idea that is best for you as we are catering to many different types of ladies throughout. Propose to her in the place where you had your first kiss, where you first met, your first date location or something special to you two. Wake her up in the morning with her favorite coffee (or drink of choice) and a romantic breakfast in bed.
Send her enigmatic instructions which will eventually bring her to where you will be waiting with a ring and a proposal to spend the rest of your lives together.
End it with the date you are going to give it to them telling how you proposed and that the story can’t be ended until you have the answer.
After the beautiful dinner and shared words of love, the proposal is a natural progression.
Thus the wedding proposal should come after a particularly fantastic night of whatever he finds most pleasing. On the other hand research shows that people get more romantic after their senses are heightened with adrenalin. Einstein developed his theory of relativity waiting for an answer to his marriage proposal. Send us your romantic proposal ideas or share your own beautiful story and we'll post it up here on our site.

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