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Though every country has its own traditions about gifts for every occasion but if we follow traditional UK version of anniversary gifts, then you should give him something made of paper on your first big day after one year of the wedding.
These are many online shopping sites where you can shop online both kind of things as gifts.
Pictures : - You can give him some framed nice pics of your honeymoon or a big poster in which you both are in romantic mood. Books and Novels : - In case your husband has a passion for books, you can give some books of his favorite writer.
Tickets : - Here comes the best of first anniversary gifts made of paper, and that is two tickets of a romantic movie or music concert of his favorite singer.
Cigar : - Everyone knows that smoking is injurious for health, but if your husband likes to have some puffs of cigars, then a small packet of fine Cuban cigars will be a nice gift. Desk Clock : - It can be a good modern anniversary gift for your darling husband, as he can use it at his desk in his office.
Grandfather Clock :- If your hubby is die-hard antiques fan, a grandfather clock will be a perfect modern anniversary gift on first year of wedding. Laptop : - A laptop of some popular brand such as Apple or Sony will be a right stuff to cheer him up on the day. Digital Camera or Handy Cam : - Both are the top suggestions for anniversary gifts from us.
This list of first anniversary gifts can be longer as there are lots of things which can be great anniversary gifts. So decide any of items from our anniversary gift list, and celebrate your wedding anniversary by gifting your husband some best first anniversary gifts in unique way. Try one or try all of these romantic gift ideas for your husband and make that marriage spark burn even brighter! Sign up for The Dating Divas weekly newsletter and get our 7 Days of Love Program, absolutely free!
If you are running short of ideas of the first anniversary gift for your dear hubby, then just relax.
First Anniversary Gifts made of Paper : Some husbands like to see their wives respecting old traditions. Each time your husband will see the pictures, it will remind him that how much you love him. If he prefer to read non-fiction books than fiction novels, get him a biography of any great leader, such as Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, or Barack Obama etc..

If your budget allows you to spend a little more, then get him air tickets for a nearest romantic destination where you both can celebrate your 1st anniversary. You can write a love letter, full of your love and feelings you have for him, deep down in your heart.
Clock as first anniversary gift :- This is the standard modern version of first anniversary gifts, mostly followed in United States.
So make him happy and proud in front of his colleagues and friends by show off a designer watch as his first wedding anniversary gift from you. Other Ideas For First Anniversary Gifts : - If you want something different from the gift ideas given above, then try any of these great gift ideas for 1st wedding anniversary. Yes it’s the brand value and your husband will feel lucky if you will give him any of these Apple products as his 1st wedding anniversary gift. Here we tried our best to guide you about all anniversary gifts, traditional to modern ones.
If the two of you love to travel then this DIY travel map is going to be an out-of-this-world amazing gift! You can create so many fun projects with this free word art program and you will look so clever for doing it!!
You married the man of your dreams, so show him how awesome you STILL think he is with this 100 Reasons Why I Love You Book. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and this romantic meat and potatoes meal will melt almost any guys heart!
Don’t forget the wonderful way the two of you fell in love by creating your very own love story book.
Let him know you would fall for him all over again with this festive fall for you gift basket! Got a guy who is trying to keep his body in tip-top-shape {wink!} then this basket of healthy love may be just the ticket- cute gift tags will make this gift really shine!
Bring a little romance into the bedroom with the suite retreat kit filled with romantic items for both of you to enjoy! Stock up on your favorite romantic goodies and easily put together this cuddle kit for two that will make for a cozy evening at home. Let him know that you feel so lucky to be in love with your best friend every time he looks at this! Two frames and a printout of these two pieces of paper is all you will need for this sentimental heart art that will look great in any room!

Let him know you are Eternally Thankful to have him in your life with this gorgeous and free art! Let him sit back and relax from all the hard work he has done with this fun and creative coupon book!
These stocking stuffer coupons are meant for a fun Christmas surprise, but they could easily be used year round!
Show him that he is appreciated with these sentimental and fun coupons that look so fun up on the wall! Let us suggest you some more ideas for your first anniversary gifts, including traditional and modern ones. You can go for some designer frames or simple one, all depends upon your choice, but never go for a common frame for your special day.
For this, you will surely get some extra passionate kisses from him and it will be a fun and a memorable anniversary for both of you. You should go for a heart-shaped desk clock as heart shape is related to love and affection. I love how you can create sweet letters for your man to open up at specific events during the year.
With this gift of the month gift basket you can spread your love for your husband out through the whole year!!
Keep him going with this running themed gift basket that is sure to please any sporty fella!
Order this Romantic Italian Dinner For Two Picnic Hamperand enjoy a stress-free night at home together!
Then just find a perfect frame to match and you have an easy and sentimental gift for your man! There are so many things to give as a gift to someone, but this is not any regular occasion but a very special day, your first wedding anniversary. So everything should be well planned for this day and all the gifts you are looking for him must be personalized gifts. Just do this and when your husband will see his 1st anniversary gift, you will see a pleasant smile on his face.

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