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A few minutes of daily practice using relaxation techniques conditions your body to relax when you want it to – making relaxing during labor much easier.
It sounds simple, but for many people it’s tough to slow down enough to notice these things. In the  book Birthing From Within, Pam England gives a chapter of extensive pain relief options for natural birth. Relaxation techniques offered to expectant mothers during antenatal classes do not help them in childbirth, according to a new study.
Women were as likely to need painkillers if they followed the "natural" methods, and did not have a better experience in labour than other mothers, researchers found.

Some muscle groups (your forehead, your neck, and your shoulders perhaps) may be very hard to relax. Thankfully, you can handle it better by simply trying out a few breathing and relaxation techniques during labor.Many doctors and midwives believe that such exercises can help you stay calm during labor, and can make the process less hard on you. The techniques, which include breathing exercises and ways to relax the body, are taught in many antenatal classes, alongside information on what to expect during labour and different delivery options.
The study, by researchers at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, looked at 1,087 first-time mothers, splitting half into antenatal classes which offered relaxation techniques and half into classes which didn't. She said: "We believe that preparation for birth is an important component of delivering high quality maternity services.

As you slip into the pushing stage of labor, your breathing may become shorter and shallow. It is important to note that holding your breath for a longer period of time, at any point during labor, can be dangerous.7.

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