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Without a doubt, the people who are the least successful with getting out of debt are unsuccessful because they are unwilling to sacrifice. It never occurs to them to stop using credit cards and get out of debt.  They grew up in family situations where credit card debt was a normal part of life. Everyday people make the decision to push all the fear, excuses and rationalizations to the side and get out of debt.  You can do it too. I agree that it can take a HUGE wake-up call before most people are pushed into making the changes required for a debt-free life.

There is a couple in our family who filed bankruptcy and now they have a brand new mini van and she’s running debt up again. I was sick and tired of the cycle of debt.  I was sick at looking at over due notices and seeing the huge amount of money I owed. I agree it’s difficult to make the first steps to get out of debt especially when you have a change in your situation and your income is cut we get used to a certain lifestyle and its a challenge to change. It can be incredibly difficult to give up the life you are used to, but what they don’t know is when you get that debt-demon off your back, you open yourself up to a life that is much more incredible than it was before!

I write about paying off debt, changing your mindset and learning to live contently with less.You will find the resources you need to help you pay off your debt and grow in your understanding of money both financially, emotionally and spiritually.

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