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As a teacher for multiple years, I was on the receiving end of many lovely and wonderful gifts for various occasions and as a momma now who is experiencing giving gifts to teachers for the first time, I wanted to make sure that I give gifts to my kids’ teachers that they will love and enjoy for years to come. I’ve rounded up 15 teacher gift ideas that would have been stand-outs to me {let me beat a dead horse now and say ALL gifts are appreciated and cherished}.
As always, I have lots more inspiration on my Pinterest, especially the Teacher Teacher board! On the recent posts page (this is on page 3) there is a picture of what looks like an ice cream kit or gift box.
As a teacher, most of those gifts look really great, but I have to say……NO MORE MUGS, please!!!
Really I just liked the tumblers, the strawberry bath stuff in the coordinating basket, and the caramel apple, but those are really great ideas! This post may contain affiliate links.Teachers work hard, some have been prepping for the first day of school for week and others all Summer. I can tell you from personal experience that I certainly did not go into the profession to expect gifts from my students and their families and every single present that was sent my direction was received with lots of love and appreciation. Thanks for the link Roxanne, I’ll have to check it out once my little ones go to school!

My mom is a teacher and I remember her bringing home gifts from kids and really having no use for them, but these gifts are all practical and cute too. Simply pick up a nice big bottle of hand sanitizer while you are doing your school supply  shopping. I think it’s nice to give a gift that is useful and thoughtful, without costing a lot of money!
Print the template for the straw flag and slide it over top of the straw after putting the cap on the cup filled with the drink mixes. What better way to show those teachers that you care and appreciate them than with a small token that is fun but useful too! Print out our custom made tag below and adorn with a cute ribbon or even a piece of washi tape for a simple and fun gift for the first day of school. Throw in some mints, power bars, a few pens, maybe a stress ball and, of course, something sweet.Make Your Own Teacher Survival Kit! With the leftover paper, you can make a recipe book for the muffins you will be putting inside them. Dig deep and think about what you know about your child’s teacher or have your kidlet so some undercover work.

For the recipe book, take a brown paper bag and add some decorative paper, but feel free to write in your own handwriting.
For a special touch, you can add a quote on the paper as well.Make Yourn Own Pencil Monogram! Make a pretty pattern with the stamps and you'll be giving a gift that will have her carrying your child with her always. If you want some great priced supplies for teaching (make great gifts!) Check out Liberty Office!!
Place the card stock circle on top of the clock face, careful to poke a hole for the centre.

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