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In this book, master teachers in the fields of compassion, mindfulness, and psychology give you their favorite compassion quote, explain the lesson, and provide a compassion practice for the week—52 quotes, lessons, & compassion practices in all.
We asked 30 renowned mindfulness and psychology teachers write their insights about mindfulness through their favorite quote, and a “weekly mindfulness practice for that quote.
Not only did I really enjoy reading this book, meditating on the quotes and reading some of my favorite mindfulness teachers thoughts on their favorite quotes, but I provided copies to friends and family.
In this book, 30 renowned Mindfulness teacher join together and share their insights about mindfulness and provide weekly mindfulness practices.

The mindfulness practices in this book help the reader to take a deep breath and find a wiser way to cope. Every single person has thanked me for the book and have found specific sections very helpful to them. This book is for everyone, regardless of religion or previous mindfulness practice - a good book for beginners and a great reminder for long time practitioners.My Mom was especially grateful. She is very scared of small spaces and was told she needed a full body MRI - not good news.

We spent quite some time reviewing the book and helping her find ways that work for her to remain calm and mindful while in the MRI.
I talked to her after the test and she said that was the first time EVER that she was not only able to deal with being in the hospital BUT she was relaxed (yes, relaxed) during her MRI.

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