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It's officially the season of giving, and Microsoft is giving in a big way to teachers and students around the globe. Office 365 is the productivity tool for the world of education, matching the anywhere, anytime learning environments of today.
That's the reason why Cognita Schools Asia, a leading international independent schools group operating in Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam including their flagship school Stamford American International School has chosen Office 365 to enable its teachers and staff to collaborate and communicate more seamlessly in and across campuses to facilitate better learning outcomes for students through Outlook, SharePoint, OneDrive and Lync. We know devices and technology are just the first step, it takes proper training and meaningful content to improve student outcomes. BCPS will provide ongoing training to educators to help them understand the conceptual changes that will take place in this modern learning environment and improve skills to increase student success.
Curriculum offices are currently collaborating on development of a framework and template for use in BCPS One, the new digital portal for curriculum and instruction, assessments, student data, reporting, and analysis. We look forward to working with BCPS step-by-step in this journey to meet its Blue Print 2.0, Theory of Action to equip every student with the critical 21st century skills needed to be globally competitive and ensure that every school has an equitable, effective digital learning environment.
By Mark Shead Leave a Comment Whether you work from home or not, most people have some type of home office or place where they do work from home either for their employer or for themselves.
By Mark Shead 2 Comments I lived in Michigan for the first half of the 2000s and saw a lot of people who had lost their jobs in the auto industry. I'm still a big fan of physical books, but having a few books on my phone means that I can do something useful when I have an unexpected delay waiting for someone.
In the second experiment, elementary school teachers were given two lists of their students. By Mark Shead Leave a Comment For this post I sent out a questionnaire to a number of people asking about their single best tip for avoiding distractions. By Mark Shead 4 Comments As video conferencing becomes more and more common, I thought it might be useful to talk about how to best configure your computer for doing video chats.
Related gift ideas include an extra wall adapter or car adapter for cell phones, an extra iPad charger, etc. By Mark Shead 4 Comments I think it is interesting that many of the people most focused on productivity work for someone else. By Mark Shead 1 Comment I used to drive an old white Jeep Cherokee and I kept forgetting to put the gas cap back on and close the gas door. By Mark Shead Leave a Comment Poor organization is one of the biggest productivity killers. By Mark Shead Leave a Comment With students all headed back to school, it is a good time to look at some ways to get the most out of college. I once heard a story about a person in nursing school that was considered for a job over others, simply because of their good attitude.

I'm pleased to announce that the popular Office 365 ProPlus Benefit is now available worldwide to all students and educators. The program offers students and teachers throughout the world access to the same set of gold-standard productivity tools and services used by Fortune 500 companies everywhere. Our schools are constantly innovating to enable our teachers, staff and students to stay ahead in a world where technology has radically changed the way we communicate. It also means that teachers are using the same technology and features as their students, and allows them access to all their Office documents both at school and at home.
In the future, BCPS will serve as a model for how to effectively implement a transformative learning model and close the technology divide that exists across the nation between students who have access to technology and opportunities and those who do not. In this post, we are going to look at five things to consider when designing your home office to maximize productivity. For example, if you want to get better about shredding documents with sensitive information on them, don't put your shredder across the room or in the closet. What was sad is that the layoffs weren't much of a surprise to people looking in from the outside, but they were often very surprising for the people who lost their jobs.
One list had all the students that were "gifted." The other list had the name of all the students that were just average.
What I liked best about reading all these suggestions is the number of different ways people have for creating a distraction-free work experience.
Even if you've used the bill payment system from your bank for years, you might not be familiar with all the features that are available from other institutions. If you spend all your time looking for the perfect set of tools, you'll never get anything done.
It is simple and easy to do, but if you follow that advice you'll find your productivity will skyrocket. People are less likely to come in and stay for a long period of time if you don't have a place to sit. When you can't find a tool you need or have to sort through a pile of outdated papers to find the one you are looking for, it slows you down and eats up valuable minutes that could be spent on something more important.
This means that any eligible organization - anywhere in the world - can provide an Office 365 ProPlus subscription at no extra cost for all students, faculty and staff. The program also includes Office Online and 1TB of storage on OneDrive for Business, enough to support all of the productivity - and creativity - 21st century learning can unleash, all in a safe and secure environment. And Microsoft believes that by making Office more available where it's needed most (like we recently did in Thailand, where Office 365 is helping to create massive repositories of knowledge that can be accessed and shared by every student nationwide), we are furthering our mission to help everyone on the planet do more and achieve more. With the program, educators can access full Office on up to five PCs or Macs and can unlock the editing capabilities of Office apps for iPad.

For teachers, school leaders and students alike, Office 365 ProPlus expands the very potential of education. Let's say you can do 100 units of work in 8 hours, so to get more done you work for 16 hours and accomplish 160 units of work.
You can keep a fold-up chair in a closet or behind your desk for situations where it is needed. Thanks to the Internet, there are all kinds of options for getting a degree while keeping your current job and still making it to your kid's baseball games. With that in mind, here are some tips for students wanting to get the most out of their college experience. For most people, their best option is to make themselves one of the employees that stands out from the others in terms of willingness to work, enthusiasm and dedication to the business. And all of these tools meet Microsoft's rigorous standards for security and our unwavering commitment to protecting the privacy of young people. And perhaps more important, it provides a solid foundation in the skills that 21st century employers need, paving the way for an opportunity-filled future for today's young people.
Baltimore County Public Schools (BCPS) is on an exciting journey to make this happen for students and we are thrilled to be part of it. This spring I found myself very short on time and went ahead and made an investment in finding someone who could mow it for me. For example, multiple people can view a paperless document simultaneously, while a single paper copy can only be viewed by a handful of people at the same time and everyone must be in the same room together. If you allow 8 hours per day for sleep and eating, you can't go beyond 16 hours of work per day. In this post, we are going to look at five tips for making your college years more efficient. Also, through our Student Advantage offer, the district which is already providing Office to faculty and staff, can now offer the productivity suite to students at no additional cost. Someone paying you on the outside would quickly notice that your productivity lessened because it cost them more money per unit of work accomplished.

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