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Since starting Pranayama 6 months ago, I have had no colds or sinus issues, even after two 24 hour flights and lots of local air travel.
Patanjali in his text of Yoga Sutras mentioned pranayama as means of attaining higher states of awareness, he mentions the holding of breath as important practice of reaching Samadhi.
In yoga, pranayama is a type of breathing method that carries ancient science having Indian roots. When harnessed via pranayama, this vital energy is released for an overall rejuvenation: physical, mental, and spiritual.
Practice of Pranayama achieves the balance in the activities of these pranas, which results in healthy body and mind. Because pranayama takes care of the integrity of the body’s internal organs and functions, it has been proved that such a control over breathing can heal many diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, diabetes, thyroid, and even depression.

Pranayama also aids in connecting the physical self to its powerhouse, the solar plexus, a subtle part within the body where great amount of energy is stored. The benefits of this pranayama are cleansing of remote capillaries and nasal passages, purifying of the brain’s frontal portion, and reducing the symptoms of asthma, chronic bronchitis, diabetes, and nervous disorders.
One can control the rhythms of pranic energy with pranayama and achieve healthy body and mind.
Hatha Yoga also talks about 8 types of pranayama which will make the body and mind healthy.
Because the Pranayama is related to the subtle life force inside, it is mandatory for the user to practice them as instructed. It benefits include cleansing the nervous system and heart, removal of mental tension and worries, and instillation of peace.

Therefore, Pranayama aims at boosting the amount of this energy so that it can access even the subtlest nooks of the brain for expanding the human power and impeding relapse. This pranayama is very beneficial for the respiratory system, including the bronchial tubes and diaphragm.
It is beneficial in conditions like mental tension, agitation, high blood pressure, heart disease etc.

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