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While all essential amino acids are found in eggs, meat, and animal products as a whole (this is why we say that animal foods provide a complete source of protein), they are also found in plant foods, mainly whole grains and legumes.
In plant foods, unlike in meats and seafood, essential amino acids are not well balanced, which means that each plant food is usually low on one or more of the essential amino acids. This is why a plant-based diet needs to combine vegetables, grains, legumes, and at least a small amount of animal products like eggs, milk, cream and cheese.
When people think about protein, images like fish, eggs, cheese, are the first types of foods that come to mind.

We’ve heard from a lot of you that your goal for the year of 2014, is to adopt a 100% plant based diet, part vegan, or just truly focus on including more veggies in your daily meals.
Nikki and I made a plethora of mistakes on our journey to living a plant based lifestyle and our goal is to guide and help you thrive and make things a little smoother by sharing what we have learned.
Get more actionable steps for living a healthy plant-based lifestyle straight to your inbox:Signup now and receive an email once I publish new content. Plant-based foods are practically cholesterol-free, are high in fiber, and are often alkalizing to the body.

Soybeans are particularly high in iron, but they also contain amino acids that inhibit its absorption.

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