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However, from a nutrient-to-calorie ratio perspective, these foods don’t land in the nutrient-rich category, especially compared to plant-based, nutrient-rich alternatives. Most plant-based foods (with the exception of hemp, soy, and quinoa), are not complete proteins, but if you eat a wide variety of whole, plant-based foods (vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, and nuts and seeds), you can easily obtain all of the essential amino acids throughout the course of your day. As you can see from the basic meal plan below (not including any snacks), it’s quite easy to achieve my 46 gram target while eating a balanced, whole food, plant-based diet.
For a helpful chart on protein amounts in common plant-based foods, check out Lauren’s comprehensive chart on her blog The Holy Kale. According to the USDA, those eating a SAD eat about 12% of their calories in plant-based foods (fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes). At the other end of the spectrum are the proponents of a whole food plant-plant based diet. Just looking at those graphs makes me pause.  It is a clear picture of how far apart the the Standard American Diet and a whole food plant-based diet really are. First modify the standard diet by eating less red meat, eating instead, more fish and poultry.

Finally there is actually adopting a primarily whole food plant-based diet (sometimes called vegan) where you get your nutrition from whole grains, vegetables and plant starches, quit all animal products (meat, dairy and eggs) and cut out most oils and processed foods.
This entry was posted in diabetes, diary-free food, gluten-free food, John McDougall, plant based diet, T. 12 Responses to The Journey From the Standard American Diet to a Whole Food Plant-based Diet . Pingback: Local Business Consultant The Journey From the Normal American Diet to a Whole Food Plant-based Diet . Food based primarily on unprocessed (or minimally processed) vegetables, fruits, grains and legumes.
As a totally recovered Rheumatoid Arthritis patient, a life-long vegetarian, proficient cook, amateur gardener, certified health and fitness consultant and life coach I use by education and experience to help you move towards a plant based diet.
Together we create a simple guide to planning, shopping, cooking and even growing great food.
You might find yourself consuming a greater volume of food due to the lower calorie-to-volume ratio of plant-based foods, but this just means that you have greater opportunities to consume a diverse range of nutrients.

The problem is come when remembering to connect the information to our overall dietary habits and quality of life. They suggest that 90% of the diet should come from plant-based products,  5% or less from animal-based products and the processed foods should be cut to 5% or less. Give up all meats and fish, but still use dairy and eggs while cutting down on the fat in your diet.
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