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This video blog is going to go into my own personal experiences facing depression, along with some of the best strategies I’ve discovered that can help anyone overcome depression naturally within 30 days or less. I’ve personally faced and have gone through long droughts of depression during many stages of my life. Before I share the video blog with a technique you can use to overcome depression, I want to first give you a different way of looking at depression. Next, understand that you CAN change and that millions of people have been able to overcome depression before you. I recorded a video blog below sharing how you can use this technique to overcome depression or any other negative emotion, behaviour or pattern in your life. Studies are showing that depression is a sign and major result of inflammation in the brain.

Serotonin and dopamine are our feel-good neurotransmitters, and when these neurotransmitters are low, depression (and any or many of the above issues) can result.
We’re very deficient, as a nation, and supplementing with D has been shown to alleviate anxiety and depression. Many people who struggle with depression get too much sleep, but if you’re not getting 8-9 hours, make an effort to do so.
I myself do this cleanse twice yearly, and it’s easy, fun and a great way to support your liver in clearing toxins that can build up and contribute to depression. Women experience depression at twice the rate of men, no matter their race or social status.
Medication was never an option for me, and though that is a very personal decision, I believe depression can be resolved naturally in most cases, using the right foods and supplements to restore balance in brain chemistry.

If your depression is accompanied by severe fatigue and you are sleeping too much, have your adrenals tested. Gut infections or autoimmune conditions that originate as a result of gut infections can trigger depression.

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