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Note: For more on your identity and how that impacts your level of confidence check out SoLongMediocrity.
When you are truly confident all these things will be in alignment and congruent to your beliefs.  If you try to fake it, it will not work because you will be incongruent and you will broadcast this through your sub communication channels. My self-confidence in my intelligence, my fortitude and my determination are what took me from my humble beginnings to who I am today. In middle school and high school I went to great lengths to try and hide the fact that I was this shy, quiet girl with low self-esteem. My lack of confidence became a burden as I graduated and started working on my masters degree.

Low self-esteem is not always shown by a person who has their head down and a sad look on their face. I too have struggled with issues of low self-esteem that haunted me from childhood through adulthood. Good guys are usually not seen as confident and hardcore “go getters” and that turns most women off! People who you least expect to lack confidence often do at different times in their lives or in different situations. Looking back over my life, I can see so many poor decisions that I have made as a result of my poor self worth.

I had put all my therapy lessons into practice, stopped letting my emotions control me, realized that I am beautiful and I my self-worth is so much more than I even knew in the past.
Of course there are times when I may need a confidence booster, but I’m training my mind to think differently and if you have some of the same struggles, you can too.

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