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In honor of this housework amnesty day, I rounded up some amazing quotes about keeping a clean house, by some pretty smart women.
I’ve become a much better housekeeper since we started having in-home therapists visits. We have three households crammed into one house (my parents, my family which had our own house for a while, and my brother who had been living on his own for a while). I’m horrible at housekeeping, so I signed up to host a small group once a week so that I have motivation to get it done regularly.
I have to be honest, these didn’t really inspire not to do housework so much as I now kind of want to kick some people in the shins. This was my biggest problem–letting it all pile up until I had a mini freak-out and ignored my child while I went on a cleaning spree. When I was in the Navy I begged (in jest) to be moved to the male quarters because they were so much cleaner than my filthy roommates. Just a random observation, but I’ve always found male public restrooms to typically be much cleaner than female ones. What it comes down to: Music stimulates different parts the brain, wakes it up, and gives it a little motivation to be more creative or on point with crunching those numbers.

She would return at ungodly hours in the night, and enter our home through the garage, into the kitchen. Hopefully they will give you the motivation you need to give yourself a break and look the other way occasionally. We have a LOT of stuff so our counters have paperwork all over the place, the kids have toys everywhere, it’s a pain to clean because it requires everyone going through their stuff themselves. I mean, I don’t expect my house to be spic and span with a 17 month old, not by any stretch. I at least like walking into my house without feeling like I’m going to need a flea dip. One of my goals for this year was to keep a schedule for all sorts of things, including cleaning. When I worked retail, my staff would argue over who had to clean the female ones…they were always awful. My wife is not even remotely tidy, so the house looks like a disaster much of the time, even though it is clean. I actually cleaned my apartment today (which is why I haven’t been very active on here today).

Because I knew a messy kitchen stressed her out, I would always be sure that the kitchen was clean before I went to bed. Sometimes I find myself frantically cleaning in the morning before my kids get up, just to look up an hour after they’ve been awake to see a disaster area. Not that I want to be one of those over-the-top, everything to the minute kind of moms but if I don’t keep on top of my house work, it goes to hell pretty fast.
It’s important to do a regular clean out of the things that are weighing or bringing you down. I’ll borrow a sentiment I saw on an Internet meme once that said cleaning a house with small children is like brushing your teeth while eating Oreos.

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