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The inspiration that many individuals have been meditation is a welcoming neighborhood devoted to bringing the Buddha's got here up with massage.


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Prayer, meditation, yoga, whirling, Tai Chi and Tantra … these are just a few examples of spiritual practices from around the world. Meditation is a form of spiritual practice followed by a number of different traditions, although many of us are most familiar with the various Buddhist sects of meditation such as Zen or Tibetan. Much like yoga only stemming from the traditions of China and the Far East, Tai Chi is a form of movement that pulls together both spirit and body.
Tantra has its earliest roots in Hinduism, but the practice has been shared and spread by Buddhism, Sikhism and Jainism alike.
Join our 7-Day Yoga Challenge on Mindvalley’s newest platform, Zenward and build a healthy yoga practice in a fun and effortless way. These practices run the gamut from simple breathing techniques to complicated rituals that involve the body, the mind and words or chants.

While there are plenty of nuevo-yoginis today focused more on fitness, yoga’s original purpose was to bring the practitioner into deep alignment with the god-head via focused, disciplined and daily practice.
The purpose of meditation is to disconnect from the ego-mind’s incessant chatter and reunite with conscious awareness itself. Also like yoga, there are great physiological benefits to a daily Tai Chi practice and in most parts of the Far East today you can still find many, many Chinese elders practicing in public places each morning. Regardless of faith, culture or place of origin, all world religions have spiritual practices as a part of their tradition. In the major world religions, spiritual practices are often only performed regularly by the mystics. But there’s often a misunderstanding about prayer and for many not on a personal growth path, prayer is, in essence, akin to a child asking big-daddy-god for this, that and the-other.

Essentially though, The art of Tantra is one in which the practitioner seeks access to the divine through the physical body.
Prayer that is communion, communication and appreciation opens the door for spiritual illumination in a way that groveling or beseeching an omnipotent, external source never can.

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