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Meditation is the art of escaping the stress or problems of every day life, or a tool of self reflection for improvement of ones self. Day dreamingDay dreaming is a perfect example of the deep level of thought found in the meditative stateSports or physical activity Sports place your mind in a stress relieved state through concentration on a subject that is completely seperated from your every day life.
Explanation of concepts used to fulfill the definition provided at the beginning of the presentation.**notes** there are 7 primary processes used to meditate. Breathing meditationBreathing meditation is a simple series of breathing techniques used to reach a state of relaxation from any position. Conceptual meditationConceptual meditation is an alternative way of achieving a relaxed state of meditation.
Awareness meditation is unique in that instead of utilizing your mind to escape the world around you along with the problems of the day. Mantra Mantra meditation is similar to breathing meditation in that it requires concentration on a rhythm. At the same time, meditation provides for you more of an opportunity, by bringing your mind to a stop allowing you to be calmer and more centred. The term meditation refers to a broad variety of practices (much like the term sports) that includes techniques designed to promote relaxation, build internal energy or life force (qi, ki, Prana etc) and develop compassion, love, patience, generosity and forgiveness.
There is some small disagreement among Bible experts over the fine details of the definition of meditation as used in the Old Testament. When you see videos of orthodox Jews today who are meditating and praying at the wailing wall, they are muttering and rocking back and forth as they recite scriptures, think about them and mutter them. In his book, Knowing God, J.I Packer gives a stellar definition of meditation that has been quoted by thousands of people.

Most people when they start meditating or praying, the run out of material to pray or meditate very quickly.
These slides were created by Andreia Inamorato dos Santos for the Practical Meditation Course - Part I - offered by the Mind Body and Spirit Club (MBS) of the Open University UK on the 14th April 2010. Meditation is achieved by focusing on a single thing, be it listening to sound, looking intently and an object such as a candle, focussing on your breath, or repeating a mantra. When I read this definition as I was learning to MEDITATE several years ago, I came up with an acrostic to help me remember the key parts of the definition so that I can use them when I meditate. By creating this mnemonic, I was able to remove the parts of Packer’s definition that I think I need to remember when I am sitting in my meditation room. My acrostic from his definition also incorporates speaking God’s word audible as we meditate on the passage. However, many shorter definitions that are frequently given for meditation basically say it is focused thinking, going over something in the mind. Meditation will help take your mind off of the immense weight placed on you from these things, and afterward help you receive each moment with an improved, more calm and relaxed state of mind.
The most widely known form of physical meditation in its most raw definitions are yoga and competitive sports.. Christianity would seem at a glance a religion with much less activity in the practice of meditation. These practices include concentration, visualisations, prayer, chanting, mantras, silence, some forms of guided meditation. It occurs when meditation is effortless, natural, with no interference of thoughts and is truly profound.

Meditation allows us to be with ourselves even for a short time and if we make it our daily practice the benefits of meditation increase hugely. Putting the two meanings together, some experts argue that meditation refers to the repetitive going over of something (scripture in this case) in your mind because it is the chief concern of life. The world could do with more of those qualities, so if learning meditation brings me more compassion, more love, patience and the gift of forgiveness I feel I'm doing my little bit for the world and the planet as a whole. The Christian gets a revelation from the Word he is meditating to nourish and sustain his spirit! I have tested all 7 of these meditation techniques so that I may give a better description of each through personal experience. This counting places breathing meditation in a similar class of concentration techniques also known as mantra. This form of meditation I found helped me slow down stressful days where I could not escape class. Prayer to God, confessions and hymns that are sung in churches during worship are all perfect examples of Meditation. A man who has reached a state of enlightenment and broken the cycle of reincarnation through a lifetime of meditation. Buddhist meditation is heavily based on the concept of Zen and awareness techniques along with other self reflection techniques.

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