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If you place a high value on who you are and what you’re about then your self-esteem will be high. As a man, dating a woman who thinks less of herself can cause issues within your relationship.
One thing a woman suffering with low esteem will feel is that you can’t truly ever love her.
We don’t want to make wild generalizations but if a woman has very serious self-esteem problems then it’s possible she'll have intimacy issues.

It’s a confusing issue because she wants to be loved but she’ll feel the need to test your love.
Often, it’s these abusive environments that cause the low self-esteem and she becomes uncomfortable with intimacy…which can lead to bouncing from man to man.
It can take time but when trust is established these intimacy issues can be taken away and you can build a great relationship together. In fact, a woman with low self-esteem, used to others hurting her has learned to keep many amazing talents, insights and ideas inside.

That’s OK too!There’s no right or wrong for a man on how he reacts once he sees the signs of a low self-esteem woman.

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