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I became a Confidence Coach for two reasons: firstly, I feel completely alive when I coach people because I am living my purpose, and secondly, I don’t want others to have to suffer through low self-confidence like I did. I’ve come to believe that this feeling is the small remaining part inside of you which knows you could be confident. The warning signs were always there – I just didn’t see them because I thought they were normal.
So if you are feeling like something is holding you back in life, if you’re frustrated by the sense of missing out, then have a read through this list of warning signs you could be overlooking. I was searching related to the topic self confidence because i have issues regarding this one and I found this and I think all of these warning signs applies to me, especially that mind reading one and constantly checking my phone.

I have just read your post, most of the time went I am alone in the party I try to take a look at my phone and try to distract my self and I really feel low most of the time even when I am out with my friends most the time. Like myself, many people are not even aware that they have major confidence issues, but they are aware that ‘something is wrong’. Then consider my solutions to these, as tried and tested methods on how to overcome these barriers to inner confidence. If you really want that nagging voice of guilt and low self-esteem to go away for good, then working on building your confidence and facing your fears is the path you need to take.
You could spend 10 years searching for it, like I did, or you can try to chip away at these warning signs and make much quicker progress.

A truly confident person does not mind-read because if they want to know what someone is thinking, they will ask.
Being able to do these things despite the fear will make you more socially confident than 80% of people out there.

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