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At some point you have to realize that some people can stay in your heart but not in your life. I began to zero in on this idea, and came to call it “purpose in life” or “meaning” for the individual.
As a Christian, I am led by my belief that there is a one-true God and that through his son Jesus Christ, we can ultimately find meaning for this life. As we look at the state of the workforce, and the development needs of our millennial generation, I believe a primary reason for this lack of preparedness in the millennial is due to a gap between their purpose (or) personal meaning, and a connection of personal meaning to their vocations.
Today the millennial generation focuses much of its attention on careers that have a strong sense of meaning, fun, or exciting work, as well as opportunities for personal, professional, and intellectual growth. This is very interesting to know, because if you are an organizational leader with a millennial team, then you cannot utilize the same development and motivation techniques used with previous generations. I have found that when the millennial identifies a purpose for their life (or at least begins that self-exploration journey), and then connects that purpose to their vocation, their job takes on a relevance and personal meaningfulness that might otherwise lack. As the millennial generation continues to become of age and enters the workforce, we as organizational leaders must take the opportunity to engender trust and motivate this new group of workers by aiding them to the discover their purpose (or) meaning and connect that to their organization and their job.
As a young professional growing up, many times I tried to mimic others whom I perceived to be successful in life or business.
What resulted was a realization that I needed to spend time focusing my efforts on understanding “Who I Was”; this included an intimate understanding of my “tool belt” and what my life “experiences” meant.
Authenticity is a key trait for developing as an influential leader. Now, as a higher education administrator, and someone who spends a great deal of time with college students, I intentionally encourage others to discover and understand who they are.
One of the reasons for building this website and blog was to encourage others to discover their “tool belt” as well as what life “experiences” make up who they are.

From my years of working with college students and in higher education administration, I have found everyone’s process to find purpose is very different. God makes sure we have who we are supposed to have in our life and ensures we are surrounded by people who lift us higher, not bring us down and that we have people around us who are respectful. I have had the opportunity to travel to many different countries around the world, and consistently I see that we all yearn for a sense of meaning or purpose. The problem is, many of us seem to dismiss the idea of “purpose” or “meaning in life” as some kind of fairytale, abstract thought, or crazy concept — one that we will never come to understand, let alone personally discover. There were those who were driven by a belief that they were fulfilling a purpose (some valuable aim which benefited others that was beyond the intrinsic). This is a journey that is different for each individual, but I think we can use certain tools to enable this discovery: Finding Purpose. The Lord has prepared us in advance to do good works, He is not done with us yet if we are still alive. Specifically, I suggest having intentional conversations on purpose, meaning, personal self-discovery and their future outlook. This connection of purpose to an individual’s job responsibility resonates heavily to some of the values that the millennial generation holds to be of critical importance. Furthermore, this will lead you to help discover what your purpose in life is, which is tied to your authentic and unique story that you can share with others. When we use our “tool belt” and “experiences” in the way they are intended, God will use our life in a tremendous way to influence others and for making a lasting impact.
Complete these assessments and then record your personal results from each of them. Additionally, I suggest taking time to map out the major experiences encountered in your life.

There is subset of people who believe that they are contributing to something greater than themselves, and that in this pursuit they have meaning and happiness.
I believe this to be true because of my personal experiences with Jesus Christ that I have encountered in my life, and in the lives of those around me. Following Christ is the greatest adventure that each of us will ever have, it is an adventure and life of purpose. Our “tool belt” equips us with the tools necessary to accomplish our purpose in life. In addition, the “experiences” we encounter also give us a very unique perspective in order to share our stories with others.
In fact, when your leadership is perceived as unauthentic, the results will not build trust, nor will it provide meaning and purpose for your life. These are all breadcrumbs from God which can assist you to discovering your purpose in life. The good, bad and even ugly experiences in our life come together to help shape our authentic story.
And they understand how they are fulfilling that purpose through very practical and specific ways in their career and personal life.

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