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The Leading Change Institute, successor to the Frye Leadership Institute, engages leaders who seek to further develop their skills for the benefit of higher education. An understanding of the complexities of that landscape through the lens of what business officers, presidents, trustees are facing, and an ability to translate to institutional context and action.
Skills that can build public will, set an agenda for change, and advocate for needed change.
The Leading Change Institute explores higher education challenges, empowering librarians and information technologists to initiate conversations and take action on issues of importance not just to their individual institutions, but to the entire higher education community.
You gain skills and resources, including a cohort of collaborators, necessary for advancing change.
The missions of CLIR and EDUCAUSE reinforce the importance of partnership, learning, and collaboration reflected across the Leading Change Institute experience.

Since the inception of the Institute, key higher education issues have included new sources of competition, use of technology to support effective teaching and learning, distance learning, changing modes of scholarly communications, an increasing focus on students and, fundamentally, a transformation in the qualities necessary for leadership in today's increasingly ambiguous and rapidly changing environment.
Together with the deans and other thought leaders from the community, fellows in the Institute contemplate the current and future impact of these issues in the higher education community.
Speakers at the 2016 Leading Change Institute will be posted on this site as they become available.
Higher education requires leaders, particularly in the information sector, who can inspire, advocate, and advance needed change.
Fellows in the Institute hear from speakers from a wide range of backgrounds who will share real-life problems from across the higher education landscape for which participants will be challenged to devise and propose solutions.
These issues continue to frame the complex landscape of higher education and to inform the Leading Change Institute's scope.

Information about the 2016 Leading Change Institute's curriculum will be posted on this site in late 2015. Speakers from a wide range of backgrounds share real-life problems across the higher education landscape for which, over the course of the Institute, participants are challenged to devise and propose solutions.

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