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How to Get Motivated and Stop Procrastinating: 51 Ways to Overcome Anxiety, Depression, Fear, and Lack of Motivation (Self-help for Overcoming Procrastination And Being More Motivated) - Kindle edition by Ashley Rosebloom. Exercise, taking a break from the task at hand as well as maintaining healthy eating and sleeping patterns all help in improving your mood, anxiety and stress. Eating chocolate, exercising, studying, and avoiding triggers to prevent an alcoholic relapse all require motivation.
Low grades, damaged friendships or a demotion at work are all realistic consequences of low motivation.
One of the most common symptoms of depression is called anhedonia, or the lack of interest in activities, especially ones that once used to be pleasurable.

Addressing this underlying issue is the best and most successful way of improving motivation. I came to college with a lot of motivation, but slowly I started to lose it and you can really see it from my grades. Addressing the root cause of motivation issues is the first step in learning how to reengage in healthy behaviors. This book contains proven techniques and strategies on how to overcome the paralysis produced from having low self-esteem, a fear of failing, and anxiety.
Staring at a stack of books not wanting to study, seeing a pile of dishes in the sink and not feeling like doing them or skipping going to the gym because you don’t feel like it are all signs of lack of motivation.

Treating the depression generally has a very positive effect on motivation and productivity. Some things, such as financial issues, may not be able to be dealt with right now, as you may lack the means to do so.

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