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Internet creates a rise in cut-and-paste plagiarism,power of meditation and healing,busywork - 2016 Feature

While the Internet hasn't created plagiarism, it has contributed new opportunities for violating professors' trust.
In national surveys of more than 80,000 college students conducted from 2002 until this spring, nearly half admitted they cheated via the Internet, according to researcher Donald McCabe, founder of the Center for Academic Integrity, a consortium based at Clemson University. Plagiarism is an international problem, according to a report released this summer by UNESCO, the United Nations' education-and-science agency. While some American students have a hard time understanding what plagiarism is, it's even more difficult for international students.
Toni Carbo, a professor in the School of Information Sciences and the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Pittsburgh, has found that norms about information sharing are very different among cultures.
Local faculty agree education is the key to stopping students from using the Internet dishonestly.
Faculty point to the importance of using course syllabi to explain both what plagiarism is and what repercussions are for students who plagiarize.

They also teach classes on how to use Internet sources responsibly, both finding and citing sources. Chemers said they copy phrases, sentences and sometimes paragraphs word-for-word from Internet sources. Rubin and Robert Alexander, a professor of English and the director of the university writing program at Point Park University, have both found that many students don't consider copying and pasting sentences to be plagiarism. Alexander has seen a slight rise in issues of academic integrity with the onset of the Internet. At most local schools, online plagiarism warrants failing the assignment, failing the course and sometimes expulsion.
17, 2007) Some students from Asian countries, who come from a tradition of not using footnotes or quotation marks in their research reports, know to list sources in the bibliography but learn other ways to attribute information when they get here, according to Toni Carbo, a professor in the School of Information Sciences and the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Pittsburgh. McCabe, who is also a professor of management and global business at Rutgers University, said other survey questions showed as many as 42 percent said they plagiarized from written sources, not necessarily the Internet.

That plagiarism was easy to catch: It was an article the professor himself had written in an academic journal.
While professors tell him about several cases of plagiarism every semester, often in freshman composition classes, he's not especially concerned. Chemers both give specific assignments that are too nuanced or personal to be plagiarized, while Dr.
Carbo requires her students to submit multiple drafts of papers, making it easier to filter out cut-and-paste phrases.

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