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Anyways since before and after pictures are often being searched I wanted to create a gallery of them here. I’m not sure if anyone has experienced this but I went so hard on the first two days that I had to rest 2 days before continuing my third. Well I am up for my 4th session today, I have not taken a before photo but I will tonight and hopefully I can come back at the end and post my results!

Yeah I like to print out some of the pics and just leave them next to my workout area to keep me going some days! Buy Insanity Via My Link & Help Support The SiteYou are 60 days away from being in the best shape of your life! Also it is not just about 60 days, because if after the 60 days you go back to your old habits you are just going to lose all the progress so it is really about a full lifestyle change.

Insanity really gives you all the tools to get in the best shape of your life you just have to follow them.

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