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Whatever the reason may be, sometimes you can find yourself left at home on your own with nothing to keep you occupied. Show your parents that you can be responsible on your own and they may let you stay home alone more often. When you're bored, you can easily overeat because you feel you have nothing better to do than snack.
Make sure all your homework is done so you don't need to do it when your parents get home . Surf a few channels to find good shows or plan out movies beforehand that you can watch at home. You could do this by getting them gifts, making a favorite snack or getting some other task completed by the time they come home.

Think of what needs to be done around the house, and surprise your family with your helpfulness.
If you are home alone, you can be seen as quite vulnerable so make sure you lock the doors to keep yourself safe. Eating can help to keep you occupied, especially if you're doing something simple like watching TV.
Just don't turn it up so loud that the neighbors can hear it because they will almost certainly complain. Also gather band-aids, wipes, clothes, socks, a blanket, and whatever you think you might need in an emergency. If you're still hungry after, grab a small, healthy snack (granola bar, apple, yogurt) instead of chips or candy.Give yourself at least half an hour.

Watch boiling water and liquids; they can easily boil over and are scalding hot if you spill them. If not, just look through your wardrobe and see what clothes you can mix and match to create new outfits! That way, your time alone will be immersed in cooking and baking and you won't even notice the time flying by.

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