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About 3 years ago, during the summer of 2011, I decided I was going to become a vegetarian. Unfortunately, things didn’t quite go as planned.With meat totally eliminated from my diet, I couldn’t help but feel like something was missing.
This made me feel like a failure because here I was supposed to be a vegetarian and I couldn’t go more than 2 weeks without having to eat meat. In a nutshell, a flexitarian is someone who eats a mostly vegetarian diet but still indulges in meat occasionally, sometimes referred to as a semi-vegetarian.
If you enjoyed this post, please use the buttons on the left to share it with your social networks, thank you! So it is that after six and a half years of being an ovo-lacto vegetarian, I'm transitioning back to being an omnivore.
Now I don’t really blame the bad feelings solely on the fact that I consumed meat with regularity but more on the level of fattening (or fatteningly prepared, see: deep fried) meats I consumed with regularity.
This and a desire to pursue a more plant based lifestyle are what led me to decide to become a vegetarian. I am too picky of an eater and a lot of the vegetarian options are filled with things I hate (mushrooms and onions). Common reasons for becoming a vegetarian include moral or ethical concerns regarding the treatment of animals on factory farms and in slaughter houses, a desire to ensure equal food distribution, religious convictions, health needs, environmental concerns, or a combination of any of these. You'll also find that most supermarkets carry interesting faux meat foods, like veggie dogs, veggie burgers, vegan faux chicken, and veggie riblets. Be aware that simply dropping meat and relying solely on eating processed food, sugary snacks and fast food is as unhealthy a diet as it is possible to have.
For many people, it only takes a couple of weeks of eliminating meat to stop having cravings.
It might be better if you eliminate all meat from your diet at once, and keep it out for a couple of weeks. If you find yourself eating meat at times or "cheating", try being vegetarian 6 days a week, or whatever number of days works for you. Remember, eating meat or fish in any amount means that you are not vegetarian but semi-vegetarian instead.
Many of your favorites can be turned vegetarian, such as lasagna, chili, and spaghetti without the meat or with meat substitutes. Some people go vegetarian for reasons such as disturbing experiences with dead animals, ie.
Many familiar foods such as peanut butter and jelly, pasta and tomato sauce, or black beans and rice are already vegetarian. Start going to more Indian, Thai, Chinese, or Japanese restaurants, as they tend to have more selections available for vegetarians. Many restaurants in the United States will prepare food without meat when requested but you will need to be assertive and sometimes you will need to be ready to explain options for the waiting staff to relay to the chef.
I love being a flexitarian and I recommend it to anyone either interested in being vegetarian but isn’t ready for such a major jump or simply for someone looking to reduce their meat intake.
When I first made the decision to go vegetarian six and a half years ago, it was for health reasons. But, more than that, you have no idea how self-satisfying it is to be able to say I trust myself enough to open this door again. Even though I had so many other things to choose from, there were moments that my hunger for that umami needed to be fulfilled and only meat could fill it.

I guess it came about from 3 anemic pregnancies and also wanting my kids to at least grow up with a palate for what most of America eats. Sorting out your reasons for becoming a vegetarian and having strong convictions concerning your diet will help you stick to your new lifestyle.
Some people will treat your choice to be vegetarian as a political statement or even as a personal affront. Both vegetarian cookbooks and online sites devoted to vegetarian recipes will provide you with lots of great inspiration. You'll find a wide variety of vegetarian food available once you start searching for it specifically in grocery stores, health food stores, and farmer's markets. Not every vegetarian likes these meat analogs; for some vegetarians the flavor is a little too meaty, or the texture is undesirable. These can be cooked in many different ways and can be used as a substitute for meat in a lot of conventional recipes.
Make sure that you're still getting enough vitamin B12, calcium, protein, and other vitamins and minerals that come primarily from meat. Pure vegetarians may need to take a daily supplement to ensure adequate levels of B12.[2] If you notice that your sense of smell is weaker, take more vitamin B12. It can be helpful to remind such people that most edible food contains protein; there is a misunderstanding that only meat and eggs are a viable source of protein. A vegetarian who lives off such foods and never bothers to cook fresh meals with vegetables, grains and beans, etc., will not fare well in the health stakes and it is likely that such a person would be nutritionally deficient. When other people ask you why you're vegetarian, remember your good reasons (saving animals from abuse, improving your health, helping the environment, etc), and explain it to them proudly.
Going vegetarian helps people lose weight, so hopefully that will balance out the fact of eating comfort foods. India has the largest population of completely vegetarian people in the world, so they know what they're doing.
By all means get tested for low iron, B12, etc., but also be prepared to explore the other options that a "normal" eater would have, such as stress, overbearing people in your life, heavy workload, environmental factors, insomnia, etc.
Over the past few years as I've been losing weight and traveling this particular path in my life, my relationship with food has completely changed for the better and it, naturally, made me reexamine my choices, particularly in regards to cutting meat out of my diet. Over the course of those 3 months, I slowly phased out meat adding one extra day without meat every 2 weeks until eventually I was meatless everyday. I eat vegetarian at our favorite Indian restaurant, and yet that's the only place my kids take my urging to eat meat seriously. Contrary to what some people think, a vegetarian diet isn't boring––it's as interesting as you're willing to make it. Knowing your reasons is also important to help you explain to other people why you are a vegetarian; having a ready answer for the inevitable questions makes the journey a little easier. Good things to point out include how being vegetarian will improve your health and help you fit with your moral or religious views about the importance of kindness to animals, etc. This is both annoying and unfair and can often result in "baiting" you into an argument about how human beings are supposed to eat meat, and so on. Vegetarian dining is a great way to try lots of new foods that you may not have thought about before. But it's worth trying a few to see whether you like the taste and texture, as these additional foods open up many more possibilities. They're usually cheaper than meat analog products too, as they don't have to be shaped into anything and they don't have other ingredients added to them.

It may help to take vitamins and calcium tablets if you don't already, but aim to get most of your nutrition from good quality food. Just remind yourself why you decided to go vegetarian in the first place and carry on as before.
The majority of Indian dishes are not spicy or strong and there are literally hundreds of vegetarian dishes which are a much better alternative to salads. In other countries with less focus on the customer's wants, there may be a "what's on the menu is what you get" attitude, which can be very difficult to maneuver around. In many cases, vegetarians are ultimately healthier because of a willingness to undergo the tests and treat all the possible causes of a condition or illness in a holistic manner.
Knowing the initial reasons behind my move to vegetarianism, I had to be sure that I could introduce it without falling back on old, bad habits so lately I've been, well, testing the waters while out at dinner (considering I've been vegetarian the entire time I've lived in Cleveland it's certainly given me a new appreciation for some of the restaurants here). Well that has not been defined and it’s unlikely that it ever will be but with use of the term occasionally, one can infer that it’s not something you would do often. Explore a few of the ways to become a vegetarian and eliminate meat from your diet for good! In some places, there are vegetarian fairs or festivals that you can attend and try all sorts of different new foods. Start to eliminate different types of meat gradually, having "one last meal" with the relevant ingredient and resolving not to eat it again. When it became pretty obvious to me that I could "unofficially" eat meat without worrying I'd fall victim to prior temptations, I knew it was time to make the official switch. I mean, yeah, meat is delicious, but there are some seriously hearty vegetarian recipes that will make you want to go meatless for life.
It is not considered the "norm" in many cultures to eat vegetarian only, and while few people ever ask a meat eater why he or she chooses to eat meat, very few people hold back on asking a vegetarian why he or she does not eat meat.
In some cases, it's best to call ahead and order a special meal; giving nonplussed chefs advanced notice, even a recipe suggestion, can often allay the problem of eating at a non-vegetarian restaurant, especially if your friends or family really want to be there. When it comes to the wikiHow community, he loves how everyone is genuinely concerned for each other’s well being, and he appreciates the advice he himself has received from articles like How to Approach a Girl. Of course, this is all still part of wanting to have an overall healthy diet, so when my mom and I were discussing Father's Day dinner and fancy gourmet burgers, I told her I'd like the turkey burger knowing it is a slightly healthier choice than beef (and, to be honest, I never consumed that much red meat even when I did eat meat on a consistent basis before). Don't get me wrong, I love animals and all that, but this was a conscious choice made in a effort to reduce my binge episodes. It became an issue for holiday meals or special occasions because I wanted to enjoy my favorite foods but I was unable to because I was supposed to be a vegetarian. It was at a point where I couldn't figure out how to curb my episodes and the only remedy I could come up with was to stop eating meat.
Because I've been thinking about this for awhile I had done my homework so it's not like I went out and ordered a Porterhouse steak or anything, but I have been experimenting with small amounts of poultry, pork, and beef. The term has grown in popularity in the past few years as many people have found that they already adopt this lifestyle but didn’t have a name for it or didn’t know what it was called.

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