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Facebook Covers InformationFacebook Quotes Cover - Everyday I get closer to making my life how I need it to be, and who I want to be. Your life consists of your Body, your Soul (your mind, will & emotions) and  your Spirit.
The answer to all of your questions lies with the power of God coming into your life to change what needs to be changed. Your relationship with Jesus requires waiting on Him in prayer, learning to hear His voice and seeking His wisdom in His Word for YOUR life specifically! If you need someone to talk to…leave a comment or email me at grace [*at*] canichangemylife [*dot*] com. Up until recently, change was not a friendly word – it used to mean Can Have A New Gross Experience. It IS possible IF you change the way you think about the issues in your life and learn what God has to say about it!

Nothing, no situation, no person is beyond the power of God to change, but He works from the inside out. But everyday, little by little I prove you wrong!Everyday I get closer to making my life Profile Facebook CoversEveryday I Get Closer To Making My Life How I Need It To Be, And Who I Want To Be. It is crucial for YOU to learn how to think like God thinks because your actions will follow your thinking. Lots of people call themselves “Christian” but what they profess with their word and actions can be very confusing.
It’s the nature of the universe and one that I have absolutely NO CONTROL over. I can push against change and be miserable, or, go with the flow and accept what is. But if you are serious – there is a an entire KINGDOM that will open to you and a vast Treasure waiting for you! Into  A“Wholy Shift!”, my very hip, heart-driven and humorous online course that includes 7  fun and life-changing mindfulness exercises that are guaranteed to catapult you into personal growth at the speed of life!

But Everyday, Little By Little I Prove You Wrong!everyday i get closer to making my life how i need it to be, Pictures, and who i want to be.
I want to know what Jesus really expects from me.  To do that, I know it is crucial to change my thinking from what the world tells me to what God tells me! So, just like that, in a blink of an eye, I gave up the struggle: I decided to accept the life changing thought that change means Can Have A New God Experience!  Friggin’ liberating.
Life changing events are just a natural part of our experience if we NOTICE the changes always happening around us. Also, her Quotitudes – inspirational sayings, encouraging words and inspirational quotes about life - gently aid in helping you to achieve a positive mental attitude essential for personal growth and presence of mind.

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