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If you’re interested, use this link to sign up for your FREE account at Manilla and start importing your bills as well! I have been using Manilla for 6 months and I have been very impressed with how easy it is to keep track of my bills and what I am spending.
Anyway, I’m telling you all this to make you feel sorry for me and be willing to come help me on Saturday. I need help getting things cleaned up and unpacked from traveling, but also help sorting and organizing paper to get medical bills and important paperwork under control.
There are lot’s of tasks that can be done even if you have kids along with you, if they have a willing heart for helping out.
Please come out Saturday morning to 746 Pearce St SW Atlanta GA 30310 from 9AM until 5PM to help for an hour or two or more.
Also, for those of you who are not local, I’m working on a few ways that you can help if you want to get involved.

I spent an hour this morning trying to break down all the crap that needs to be done to get this house back in order and wrote the tasks down on little index cards.
Many hands make light work, so I’m asking any and all of you who are local to go to our Hill Family Fighters Facebook page and sign up for the event and come on down on Saturday to lend us a few hours and help me batten down the hatches and get the house ready for whatever comes next. Like I said, whatever and for however long you can offer to help, I will be so eternally grateful. Be on the lookout for an updated how you can help page, and the most important thing right now is to just keep on praying. For all you women out there who know how much a crazy, messy, dis-organized house can make a person fall into depression and can make it feel like everything else around her is falling apart, I don’t need to say anymore. I have a wall of index cards with a range of things that anyone with a few hours to spare on Saturday can come down and help with. We need help organizing the freezer so when we come back I can just grab and heat up food easily.

So I need the house to be super clean, linens washed, and air vents and ceiling fans vacuumed. We need folks to blow or rake the blanket of leaves in the front and back yards so we don’t end up with a rat infiltration.
For the rest of you, just trust me when I say, I seriously need all hands on deck for me to keep keeping it together and taking care of all the things I have to to keep this family sane and relatively healthy in the midst of this crazy storm.

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