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If you're still feeling sleepy, take a step outside or on your balcony to breathe in some crisp morning air. Consider having a radio in the bathroom to play your favorite pump-up music to get yourself up, or just sing to yourself. Keep your eyes active by taking breaks to shift your gaze when they get tired from looking at the same thing.
If you really feel like you're in danger of falling asleep, lightly bite down on your tongue.
Avoid spicy foods, alcohol, chocolate, or caffeine in the hours before you go to bed, or you will stay up longer.
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We all need a little help to wake up in the morning — for some it’s the offensive ‘bleep bleep’ of an alarm clock, for others a mug of black coffee or the unmistakable sound of Radio 4’s John Humphrys tearing apart a hapless politician.
WHY YOU’RE HIDING UNDER THE DUVETIf you woke up this morning feeling groggy, dozy and desperate for another hour of sleep, there are two things going wrong, explains independent sleep expert Dr Neil Stanley. WHATEVER YOU DO, DON’T DROP OFF AGAINMany people swear by hitting the snooze button when the alarm goes off in the morning — giving them an extra ten or 20 minutes to recoup sleep before they really have to get up.
If you're having problems sleeping, or problems getting out of bed in the morning, it's vital to make sure you get plenty of time outdoorsHumans are diurnal animals — we sleep at night and are active during the day — and we all have a natural Circadian rhythm that controls when we feel sleepy and when we feel active. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
If you're really struggling to stay awake, pull down on your earlobes or even pinch your thighs or forearms. If your body is still asleep, excuse yourself and walk across the hall for a drink of water or take a quick trip to the bathroom and splash cold water on your face. When you're at lunch, try to interact with your friends as much as possible so that your mind is engaged. If you get to school early, take a lap or two around the hallways to get your blood flowing and your heart rate up. If you have time left over when you move between classes, take the long way or walk up and down the hallway. If you get to the cafeteria early, take a walk around the room — just don't annoy your teachers in the process. Try not to feel desperate to get out of class, because time will feel like it is going by slower. Try to exercise in the morning.This will give you a rush and could make you feel less sluggish. If it gets a little cold in school don't wear a thick jacket wear a thin one so it will make you more awake. Drinking coffee or soda may keep you up and awake for about ten minutes of class and then have you get lazy for the rest of the period. Sleeping in class can get you in serious trouble and ruin your chances of passing and graduating.
Meet Colie, a wikiHow editor from the US who has been part of the community for over five years. Not only does being tired make it impossible for you to enjoy your day, but it also makes you feel physically and mentally drained. Though you may think you'll feel more well-rested if you let yourself sleep for ten extra minutes, this will actually have a negative effect if it means that you give yourself ten less minutes to get ready.
Though some people like to shower at night, taking a cool shower in the morning is a great way to wake up. Avoid sugary cereals because they will give you a spike of energy that will make you crash later. These foods can be great for the weekend or special occasions, when you're trying indulge and relax a little more and aren't so focused on being alert.
If your senses aren't stimulated, then your mind won't be stimulated and you'll be headed toward nap mode. This is a great trick especially if you're feeling tired during your morning or evening commute. Pinch yourself in parts of your body that don't have much fat, such as your forearms or the place under your knees.
Though you may think that exercising will make you feel more tired, it actually will have the opposite effect if you do it in moderation.
This is another great way to clear your mind, improve your breathing, and to get ready for the day. If you're in school, try walking there instead of taking the bus if it's not too far away, or taking the longest route possible to get to class if it won't make you late. A healthy breakfast is a great way to kick off your day, but you need to follow it up with a nutritious lunch and dinner as well.[2] Eating healthy foods will give you more sustenance and energy, while the wrong foods can drag you down and make you feel ready for bed. If your mind is engaged, excited, or even being creative, it's guaranteed that you'll be less tired. You may get bored if you're doing the same thing for hours in a row, so take breaks to have a healthy snack, stand at the window, or send a quick text message to a friend.
Ask and answer questions to be a part of the discussion, and take notes with pens in multiple colors so your note-taking feels less monotonous.

To make sure that you won't be tired the next day, it's important for you to go to bed feeling positive and excited about starting the next day. If you're angry because you had a fight with someone you love, however big or small, try to resolve it to the extent that you can before falling asleep. It may sound silly, but you should imagine yourself hitting your alarm as soon as it goes off, stretching, and jumping right out of bed. Having a good routine for getting ready for bed is just as important as having a good morning routine. Though this may sound difficult with your busy schedule, it's the easiest way to make sure you're not tired.
Though they will make you feel wide awake for an hour or two, they will also make you crash and feel tired without being able to sleep. BLAME YOUR GENESAround 10 per cent of us are natural ‘larks’, who go to bed early and wake up early — and another 10 per cent are ‘owls’, who don’t feel tired till late at night and love to snooze in the morning. This could be because you're bored in class, or because you're exhausted because you pulled an all-nighter to study for a big test. If you're still in school, it's likely that you're not used to caffeine, so try it in low doses. Having a great morning routine to follow every day will help you be in the right mental and physical state to begin a long day of school. This may sound like a pain because school already starts so early, but being more alert when you enter school will help you stay alert. Feeling mentally prepared for a day of school will go a long way in helping you be mentally alert for the eight or more hours that you will spend in school. Do all of your homework the evening before so you don't end up staying too late doing your homework, or rush to get it done in the morning and then end up crashing from working too fast. As you're waking up, think of the classes ahead of you and the tests, lessons, or events in store. This can sound difficult, but you should give yourself at least three reasons why you're looking forward to going to school, such as going to your amazing English class, or even catching up with a friend during lunch.
Though interacting with your teacher may sound like the last thing you want to do when your eyelids feel like sandbags, keeping up a rapport with your teacher before and during class will surely help you stay alert.
Though this may sound like a bad idea, you'll be more motivated to stay awake and participate in class discussion if you're closer to your teacher. If you have the kind of teacher who is open to questions, pose a question or two when you're unclear about a certain concept. Instead of slouching in your chair and slipping into half-slumber, talk to one of your classmates about the homework, or even his plans for the week.
Though you don't want to sit by a chatty student who can distract you, if you sit near someone who participates a lot, his voice will jolt you awake frequently. Using the "reading" part of your brain instead of the "listening" part will help you switch gears if the classroom is starting to feel too monotonous.
Use different pens to write about different parts of the class lecture, or just switch pens because you feel like it. If your teacher allows it, sip from a cold bottle of water and your body will feel more alert.
Keeping some snacks to chew on throughout the day in your purse or your locker can keep you from crashing and will give you small boosts of energy at the right time. Most vending machines are stocked with foods that are too sugary or salty to have a positive effect on your energy level. Take advantage of your lunch break and give yourself the fuel you need to make it through the rest of your day. This will ensure that you can eat something healthy, and it will also give you time to digest your food instead of spending half your lunch period waiting in the cafeteria line. Though you may not have a lot of time in between your classes, you can make the most of the time you do have by moving around as much as you can in between classes. When you're passing in between classes, you should focus on getting some extra physical exercise, but there are a few other things you can do to make the most of your time away from the classroom. Even if you only need one book, opening your locker will keep your hands busy and your mind alert. If you want to avoid being tired on a permanent basis, you need to start transforming your routine instead of just cheating sleep. As you hone your morning routine, you need to find what works best for you and execute your wake-up plan every time so you wake up feeling balanced instead of scattered and rushed. Hitting snooze will just waste your time and will plunge you into a drowsy half-sleep for a few extra minutes. Though sleep is precious, it's equally important to walk out of the house feeling relaxed and refreshed instead of like you're sleepwalking.
Brushing your teeth and hair will make you feel like you're getting ready for your day, and the bright lights in the room will slowly make you more alert. The wrong breakfast -- or even worse, no breakfast at all -- can make you feel sluggish and fatigued for the rest of your waking hours.
If you want to stay alert, you have to work to make sure that your eyes, ears, and even your nose is stimulated throughout the day. Or better yet, try to position yourself near a window that gives you a great source of light.

If you can, talk radio can also make your senses more alert because you'll have to engage with the material more actively. If your body is more active, your mind will be too, so you should try to keep your body engaged no matter where you are -- even if you're stuck at a desk all day, you can do a few things to stay more engaged. To keep your mind focused, you should make sure you're always focusing on something interesting instead of daydreaming or drifting off.
Just remember that if you nap for more than 20 minutes, that you can actually make yourself more tired. Not only is this a problem because you won't be learning if you're falling asleep, but also because you could jeopardize your grade by seriously ticking off your teachers. A healthy breakfast will improve the entire course of your day and will give you more energy to handle your classes and anything school will bring your way.
Being able to get up in the morning without problems will put you on the right footing to begin your school day. Studies have shown that 6 hours or less is not good for your overall wellbeing, even if you think it is.
If you roll out of bed and head straight to the school bus, you will still be half asleep when your day begins. You should do whatever you can to make sure that you're going to school feeling prepared, positive, and ready for the challenges ahead.
Not only will this make you less likely to drift off, but your teacher will be impressed by your participation.
This will also keep you from immediately slouching in your seat as soon as you walk in the door. While you shouldn't be chatting with your peers when your teacher is talking, there will be opportunities to use your classmates to help you stay alert.
This will also keep you from sleeping because you'll know that your teacher will be looking in your direction often. While this can sound like a plan for falling asleep even sooner than you intended, if you make the most of your note-taking, you will be much more likely to stay alert.
Sometimes you can go over six hours between breakfast and lunch, and grazing on snacks throughout the day will keep you from falling asleep because your body is drained of energy. Being physically active is a way of telling your body that you're not ready to go to sleep yet.
If you want to know how to not be tired and to start enjoying your life more, just follow these steps. There are some things you can do to achieve this, whether you're home, at work, or at school. Sitting directly in the sun can make you tired, but being near sunlight can wake up your senses.
Exercising works best in the morning and afternoon because that's when you'll need an extra boost of energy; if you work out late in the evening, your adrenaline will spike and may make it harder for you to fall asleep. Once you find what works for you, you should try to do the same thing every time so your body gets used to your bedtime routine.
His favorite article he’s worked on is How to Install Software in Ubuntu, and his proudest achievement has been becoming an Admin. Here, with the help of leading sleep experts, we reveal why you may be finding it so hard to wake up — and the simple changes that can make your mornings less hellish. The alarm goes off and your body’s not ready, and that’s why you feel so exhausted.’But, he adds, it’s easy to re-jig your bodyclock. Eating a healthy breakfast won't take long and it will make you much more likely to stay alert. Avoid soda or energy drinks unless you're extremely desperate for a quick pick-me-up, because they will make you crash after a brief spike in your energy level.
If you oversleep or don't get enough sleep, you're setting yourself up to be tired for the rest of the day. Though you won't be able to run around in circles or do jumping jacks in the middle of your Spanish class, there are a few small things you can do to keep your body alert. Your snacks should keep you from getting so hungry that you overeat and then immediately feel tired again. It kick-starts your internal clock and tells the body it’s daytime.’WAKING UP CAN BE MURDERThe change from being asleep to being awake is a stressful transition for the body, says Leon Kreitzman, author of the book Seasons Of Life.
Your body knows you don’t like the sound of your alarm and so it does the job for you.’Studies show that a surprising one in five of us wakes up relying on our natural bodyclock. It is believed that humans have evolved this way because the sky is bluest at dawn and at dusk, which are the most crucial times for setting our bodyclocks. They’re not lazy — they really do need more sleep than the rest of us, says Kreitzman, to cope with the many hormonal, physical and emotional changes their bodies are going through. Professor Foster adds that sex hormomes such as testosterone and progesterone, which rise during puberty, can interact with the bodyclock, meaning teenagers naturally wake up later.In fact, lie-ins could boost your teenage child’s academic performance. Last week Professor Foster received the results of a study he carried out with a secondary school in North Tyneside in which the headteacher changed the school day to start at 10am so the pupils could have more of a lie-in.

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