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A lot of us keep wishing that we can look or feel a certain way but the only way to start feeling the way we want is to stop wishing for it and start working for it! There are certain things I wish I had understood much earlier in life and if I were to make a list, how to motivate myself would be at the top of it (just below how to get rich by 10 years old). The myth that you should be motivated to do something merely because you should be motivated is exactly that, a myth. Find a way to make your next project fun and give yourself little rewards whenever you accomplish steps in the process. The science says reading – ah, forget the science and statistics, good books always get me motivated.
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Knowing how to motivate yourself to workout will have far greater impact on you than you ever thought.
As I told you before I have a couple of your pictures on my vision board and I have it posted right by by bedroom door so every morning when I leave for work it reminds and motivates me to grab my gym bag. I so appreciate these words on motivation, especially since the new year is still just beginning. I think intrinsically we are all motivated to better ourselves and achieve our goals, but that it needs to be done in bite size chunks. Do homework first then we’ve got an hour day off work smarter, application letters, school district, i would change. I love working out, and I know that once you learn how to motivate yourself to work out, you will too!

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