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I don’t want to sound cheesy but my boyfriend is my best friend and soulmate and your list kinda fit for us too. When it comes to a woman who are in love, you will notice a sudden makeover in the way she looks.
When a woman falls in love, she will worry about you and won’t be able to stay away if she notices you’re having troubles. Another sign that she really loves you is when she takes the time to be with you and to do the things you love to do. A woman in love will talk very excitedly about the future, making plans regarding it and telling you about the things she wants the two of you to do together. A woman in love enjoys being physically close to the person she appreciates so much, so you should guess her feelings from reading her body language. If she’s in love with you, she won’t be bothered with dealing with other guys, as you’re now the only one she focuses her attention on. A woman in love will show a lot of interest in the life of a particular guy, so if she starts being extremely curious, sincerely and profoundly interested in every aspect of your life, asking about your day, wanting to know everything about your childhood, your family, and things that happened in your life that made you the man you are today, it’s a very good indication that she loves you. My name is Liz and I am not any spiritual teacher on the topic of soulmate but just an ordinary soul who got a nudge to pursue researching on soulmate signs and twin flame.
About MeMy name is Liz and I am not any spiritual teacher on the topic of soulmate but just an ordinary soul who got a nudge to pursue researching on soulmate signs and twin flame. I am so lucky we met as five year old blondies in the sandbox, because she set the bar real high as far as friendships go.

They know you so well that even if you try to keep something from them, they guess it anyway. When you start dating someone, you know it’s only a matter of time before they meet your BFF so they can get the official stamp of approval.
You know that no matter what, if you are excited about something your best friend will be happy for you. It is such a great feeling to have friends in life who feel like family that you can be your true self with! There are ways to tell if a woman loves you by the way she moves, the way she speaks, and other actions she takes even when she is not with you.
Her makeup, hairstyle, clothes and accessories will change as she will do anything to try and impress you.
She will let you know that she’s there for you in case you need her, and she will be deeply concerned and interested in any problems you’re having. She will constantly talk about you with others and will be deeply interested in wanting to know your parents and your friends. It is easy for her when you do the things she likes to do, but if you’ve noticed that she’s given up these normal activities to be with you, it’s an indication that she cares about you a great deal.
If she begins doing things like showing up at your workplace with lunch, buying you meaningful gifts, straightening up around your apartment, cooking you dinner, or helping with your laundry, she is very likely in love with you. She will touch you often, rest her hand on your arm, massage your back when you’re together and she might even have goose bumps when she’s near you.

She will postpone her appointments, be late for meetings, and skip classes at a moments notice to spend as much time with you as possible. And then you end up spilling your guts to them without even realizing that there was something you were that upset about in the first place.
Plus, you’ve developed a bit of your own language together so sentences are cut down to fractions of their original meanings and you always totally get it. People have been mistaking the two of your as sisters for years, and your parents find it odd when they aren’t with you on the holidays.
Annndd you never have to worry about getting sick of each other, because you already know each other way too well for that to ever happen. The greatest memories you have and what will define you is the grace with which you handled your darkest moments, not your brightest.14.
And you don’t have to be a seasoned TBB reader to know that, in my life, my close friends are my everything. It's fine if the girls you went to all these formals with aren't worthy of being your bridesmaids.

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