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How would you feel if a stranger; or worse, a friend, family member or writing mentor saw the child snuggled in your arms and shouted, “What a Gawd-awful ugly baby!
When offering feedback to others, I try to find at least one aspect I like about the writing and start there. 3) Constructive criticism done right, leaves the receiver excited to make revisions to their story, rather than feeling shattered. I agree that it’s in the how you say it that makes the difference between hurting someone and helping them. What that experience taught me, however, is to do the things you mention here when critiquing the work of others. You have written a nice article here, which nicely captures one point of view, one approach to writing a critique.

The article certainly makes me think about how I critique, what with its quotes from prominent artists, efficient organization and illustrative examples all being so powerful. But perhaps I’m digging unnecessarily, and that the examples were left as general statements so that the reader could focus on how things were being said. Proceeds support the Positive Writer website, writing contests, giveaways, and other events. Positive Writer by Bryan Hutchinson is an award winning blog for writers and all creative people, providing tips on overcoming fear and doubt, and ultimately, how to thrive as an artist.
I have been on the receiving end of hurtful criticism about my work in the past and know it can really shut a writer down.
However my coach has showed me ways I can use words to allow the reader to infer meaning through the set up of a scene or whatever.

Even if it’s just page one of your someday four-hundred-page novel, your writing comes from deep inside you and you already love it.
Once they see lack of sales or interest in their work, they may be ready for constructive criticism, even seek it out.
Anyways, the article is written so gently that it took me a while before I realized that it’s a constructive critique in itself.

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