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With long days working at the hospital, as well as academic and family commitments, it’s easy to wonder if cardiologists are practicing the lifestyle behaviors they would advise their patients to emulate.
As diet and exercise remain the cornerstones of sound cardiovascular health, and doctors having had the inevitable talk with a patient about their weight, avoiding junk food, and starting an exercise program, so it makes sense that Matt would be out there leading the charge, rising early or staying up late to get his kickboxing and MMA classes, practicing what he is preaching to his patients. TIGER SCHULMANN’STiger Schulmann's Kickboxing & Mixed Martial Arts trains thousands of people to their optimal physical and mental health every single day. Fill out this form and we will contact you to schedule your visit and begin your awesome experience.

Training at Tiger Schulmann’s Manhasset; taking classes of kickboxing and mixed martial arts, from late into the evening or early in the morning, making sure to stay on the schedule he has set for himself. Established in 1984, Tiger Schulmann's MMA offers a fitness program which is highly effective and people stick with it. Matt LaBarbera – winner of the 60 Day Challenge at Tiger Schulmann’s Manhasset – with a very busy schedule, signed up for the challenge and never looked back. With determination and focus he started his training to get fit and daily planned his nutrition to get healthy.

For Matt, exercise is a priority, because it helps with concentration, makes him feel fitter and stronger, and helps with overall aspects of his health.

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