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By eating right.As a pregnant woman, you are supposed to eat the most nutritious diet, which would aid in the development of the baby. In fact, dehydration leads to fatigue so make sure to stay hydrated.Try eating food rich in vitamin C and Vitamin A like broccoli or lot of vitamin B6, which is easily available in bananas, chicken, and sweet potatoes.
Also, bananas are rich in serotonin may help you fight anxiety.At nights, if due to leg cramps your sleep gets disturbed, try calcium rich food like dairy products to help you with leg cramps.

Exercising is another way as to how to get energy during pregnancy.A simple walk, cardio or yoga whatever you feel like and you are comfortable with you can perform and get the benefits.
Try to sit in a comfortable position and think about things which make you happy, for saying 5-10 minutes daily.
Stay Away From These Diseases:A pregnant woman is more susceptible to these common diseases like a common flu, seasonal flu, and stomach bug.

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