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We need to reflect the true identity of Muslims, how peaceful they are and really be able to talk to the Western media about the true look and heart of the Muslims. Destroy any and all negative energy or thoughts and don’t let them have any power over you.
There may be times when you feel you are not at peace, but the peace is still in your heart. On behalf of today’s host Jerry Meyer, the entire Mindset Daily staff thanks you for joining us!
Let the PEACE of Christ rule in your HEARTS, since as members of one body you were called to peace. When we forgive,we keep our Minds full of Peace,our Hearts full of Love and our Souls full of Joy.

Every goal, every action, every thought, every feeling one experiences, whether it be consciously or unconsciously known, is an attempt to increase one's level of peace of mind.
You can acknowledge that it is there, and then dismiss it and make the choice to have positive energy and peace as your main focal point. It’s believing the words and knowing that they have the ability to heal your heart and mind. You just have to bring it to the forefront of your subconscious. Even in times of struggle, be grateful for the people, events, and all of the small things in  your life. Although each of us encounter negative and traumatic experiences that leave us feeling hurt, angry, or disappointed, we can find that inner peace if we choose to.
This keeps things in a positive light and helps block out negative energy, keeping you at peace.

You can restore peace in your heart if you believe the affirmations and turn them in to actions that promote positive energy and peace. Use them when you wake up in the morning to start your day with a positive, peaceful mindset. Affirm positive energy and peace every day and you will find the peace that is in your heart and the positive energy to live a life full of joy, happiness, and fulfillment.

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