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Because research demonstrates the incredible power of loving-kindness meditation: No need to be self-conscious when this stuff might be more effective than Prozac.
Loving-kindness meditation is a simple repetition of these phrases, but directing them at different people. In this 3-minute video, Sylvia Boorstein, author of Happiness is an Inside Job, teaches how to do this.
I've blogged before about social connections and how important they are for health and happiness.
What i do think is more accessible for children is existential meditative practice that introduces their body as a meditative tool. The practice of loving kindness or goodwill meditation is an excellent tool for breaking down barriers as well as restoring humanity and kindness when your mind feels like a battlefield. The relevance of the practice of goodwill meditation is simply that it can tame our emotions and develop the mind to being more humane and more wise. It is very important to use wisdom in metta, both in its development and its expression as there are aspects where it can make life harder.
In all our relationships, such as our relationship with ourselves, with our family, friends, acquaintances, co-workers and our intimate-other, metta can help us gain more patience and insight into our interactions, as well as understand how best to live. In the above video you will learn more about the metta technique of repeating something over and over. I'm a scientist for crying out loud, so you can imagine how I might feel meditating while surrounded by prominent neuroscientists, which I once did on a 7-day silent meditation retreat.
Also called metta, loving-kindness meditation is the simple practice of directing well-wishes towards other people.

Next, direct the metta towards someone you feel thankful for or someone who has helped you. Over a nine week period, research showed that this type of meditation increased people's experiences of positive emotions. Doing a simple loving-kindness meditation can make us feel less isolated and more connected to those around us: one study showed that a SINGLE SEVEN MINUTE loving-kindness meditation made people feel more connected to and positive about both loved ones and total strangers, and more accepting of themselves. The styles of posture are examined more in detail on the Do Mindful Meditation page to help you choose the right one for you.
Being kind to yourself makes yourself able to continue the meditation without feeling stingy as it acts like fuel.
The purpose with this group is to be universal, you may never know who the people you pass in the street or see at the markets are, but if you can remember them, they are ideal subjects to direct feelings of goodwill towards.The practice of metta breaks down a lot of boundaries in the mind so we can be more humane.
While it may sound unrealistic in the dog-eat-dog world, but when coupled with common sense and understanding, metta is a very powerful and useful tool. Condemning yourself is not what this is about, but its surprising how hard this meditation can be to do for beginners, or those with much deep seated unhappiness. We visualize together who we are directing the metta towards, and at first I say something (May you be happy) and the kids repeat it after me. This one can be harder than you’d think: Makes me realize how quick we can be to judge people as either positive or negative in our lives.
I have resigned myself with the hope that, later in her life, she will consider meditation as a happiness habit because the example was prominent in her childhood. The variety of intense transpersonal states of mind that meditation can help catalyse are i propose, mostly adult experiences.

You have to have (and will develop by doing this) true strength of character and metta does slowly open up the emotional heart to be able to heal. The first article he worked on was How to Make Baseball Cards, and his favorite has been How to Make Caffe Medici.
You don't really need to read books about this: loving-kindness meditation is as simple it seems.
Research even shows that loving-kindness meditation "changes the way people approach life" for the better.
So if anyone else can shed some insight on how to introduce a child to meditation, I am all ears. Its best to do what works for you be it sitting on a chair or a cushion, although pacing back and forth is more challenging as you need to stay alert in your walking and at the same time practice the meditation. When I get to the actual meditation, where I am silent and still, she thinks I have stopped. The method is actually flexible so you may choose words that are relevant to you and in fact the results are better if you tailor it to be not only all encompassing, but relevant to your mind. This is where the placement meditation begins, because you really want to absorb this feeling, thought, determination until it sinks into you heart.

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