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Everybody’s budget will vary because overall, it depends on your location, the quality of food you purchase, how much you eat, and so forth.
If you plan on getting ten packages of Oreos and 60 frozen pizzas at the grocery store, I still want you to write that on a list before you head out to the store. Oftentimes, grocery stores can mis-price items when you check-out and the item you thought was $2 is actually $5.
The old trick is still, as it was said above, what makes the difference: just make and stick to a shopping list!!! I totally agree, as a blogger i know how much time consuming it is to collect or create those amazing pictures, great work!
Shopping when you are hungry It’s silly to think that you are always going to shop on a full stomach. Failing to plan If you are one of those people who wander around the grocery store until they find some things that look yummy, you are probably paying more than the list makers of the world. So instead of feeling like you need to plan all your grocery shopping excursions in tandem with meals, just be aware of why you are putting each item into your cart. In a perfect world you would plan out your meals for a couple weeks and create a shopping list based on that.
After rent, electricity, gas for the car and other necessary items are taken care of, what is left is allocated for groceries for the next 30 days. Using whole numbers, calculate the total of what you expect to spend on your shopping list, and be pleasantly surprised when the cash register receipt is less than what you expected.
If you are on a strict grocery budget, I highly recommend paying close attention to step 5 and step 6. If you’re new to shopping for organic and non-GMO foods, it can seem overwhelming at first.

However, there is one consideration that EWG doesn’t make with their dirty dozen list – genetically modified organisms (GMOs).
I hope this helps you and your family in making organic and non-GMO grocery shopping decisions. Grocery shopping doesn’t have to be so difficult, and you can definitely eat healthfully throughout college and not feel limited by Top Ramen, spaghetti, or pop tarts. But make sure those items aren’t available for a lower price at your regular grocery first.
It’s also important to be aware of how many ingredients are derived from GMO corn and GMO soy, and how to avoid sugar made from GMO sugar beets, so you can feel confident reading food labels.
I will admit that grocery shopping was incredibly difficult when I first started living on my own.
I promise you this: I went grocery shopping only about 3-4 times per month in college because I was always so well-stocked with healthy food in my kitchen that I never worried about starving or having no ingredients to cook with. Only you know how much you have to spend, so decide now how much you want to spend each month. It takes a little effort at first to do it efficiently on a tight budget, but I have faith you can do it.
We tend to get distracted and get more than what was on our shopping list, so it’s a very good lesson to stick to our plans! All these families have a limited income, leaving them with a limited amount of funds each month for groceries after other necessities have been paid for. It’s literally the most frightening thing when you leave a grocery store and all you bought were frozen pizzas, Top Ramen noodles, chips, cookies, Eggo waffles, and maybe a few apples. I was unsure how quickly food went bad, how much my budget should be, and what I would eat the next morning for breakfast.

I averaged about $125 to $150 per month in groceries, and I went grocery shopping about 3 to 4 times per month.
If you have grocery shopping tips that work for you, please feel free to share a comment below!
You always put all your deliciousness right there when I’m checking out, and you just made me add another $10 to my grocery bill! I do NOT miss how I felt after eating cold cereal and milk though so I must have some sort of plan. My mom even offered to have food shipped to my college apartment because she was worried I didn’t know how to take care of myself. If you’re working on a college budget, spending beyond $200 per month would be quite extravagant. Your receipts will also allow you to keep track of how much you spend on food so you can begin to set a budget and learn your limits. Please check out my collection of quick, cheap, and easy recipes for college students on a budget. However, if you have awesome roommates, it’s always a great idea to divide and share bulk items with your roommates to reduce costs. If you want to spend $25 per grocery shopping trip, then leave that debit or credit card at home and take $25 in cash with you to the grocery store.

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