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Remember that if you are having a conversation, girls tend to look at your face, so don't immediately assume that she likes you if you are speaking and she is simply listening.
Another thing you might say while keeping the tone casual is: "I was going to check out this art opening on Saturday night.
Remember that every girl is different and these tips do not apply for every girl so use your own judgment too.
Being relaxed and confident is the difference between a comfortable silence and an unbearable silence.
To increase your chances of having her say yes when you ask her out, you need to exhibit the characteristics that she wants.
When finding a girl that you feel like you want to ask out, watch out for the signs on how she reacts towards you. Nobody said asking a girl out was easy -- especially not in middle school, when girls can be notoriously fickle and hard to read. Pick a time when she’s not likely to be stressed out or sad and check that she seems like she’s in a good mood when you approach her. If it’s really obvious that you’re going to ask her out and you’re just kind of looking at the floor and kicking imaginary dust balls, then it’s time to spit it out. The vibe at the dance is guaranteed to be a bit more romantic, say, than the vibe in your school cafeteria during lunch, so if you ask her out at the dance, there’s a better chance she’ll have romance on her mind. If you really want a trusted friend to ask her out for you, then you may want to rehearse what he’s going to say. Don't brag about yourself and your life, or she will think you are thinking too much about yourself.
Make sure they know you and don't ever tell them or anyone else you like them until you ask them out, if you do tell a friend make sure it is someone you trust or at least blackmail. Try to avoid crying if she says no, say something like "oh well I guess that was worth a shot if you change your mind tell me".
If she says no, remember that there are a lot more girls that you will run into during your high school years. If she's constantly trying to touch your hand or finds excuses to do so, then she's probably interested. You don't need to get decked out in a suit and tie to ask a girl out, but make sure your clothes are clean and well-fit, that you've brushed your teeth and are wearing deodorant. If you appear attractive to her before you ask her out, there will be a lot less pressure on you when you do work up the courage. If she seems really clingy, even if you are not even going out, this is a red flag to stay clear. If you want to ask out a girl in middle school, then you have to get to know each other a bit first. Though there’s no way to know if she really likes you until you ask her out, you can look out for some signs that you've caught her eye.

If you want to ask her out, then you don’t have to pick the perfect place and time, but it does help if you pick a good opportunity to improve on your chances. Girls in middle school can be pretty fickle, so if you feel like you have a pretty good opportunity to ask her out, go for it instead of waiting for the perfect one. Confidence is half the battle in any game, but also act a little nervous, show her that you like her. Just act like you know you’re a cool guy and that any girl would have a great time dating you. If you think you’re a Casanova when it comes to the written word, then write her a cute, short note that tells her that you like her and that you want her to be your girlfriend.
Whatever happens, there’s nothing to be nervous about because she won’t have to be there to see your reaction!
Yeah, this will feel ridiculous, but you’ll be grateful that you’ve prepped your friend for the big move! If you’re already friends or know each other fairly well and you have an idea of what she might like, you can give her a nice but inexpensive piece of jewelry, a CD, a book, a nice notebook, or something that you think she’ll like without overwhelming her or making her uncomfortable by how nice it is.
Pay attention to what she is saying so that when she asks you something or stops talking, you can continue the conversation intelligently. Simply say "Hi" or "Hey." As the conversation moves forward you can give her a complement or ask her a question. The first article he worked on was How to Make Baseball Cards, and his favorite has been How to Make Caffe Medici.
If you make a game plan, keep your cool, and know how to win the girl over, then she'll be your girlfriend in no time.
Knowing that she may have a thing for you can up your confidence when it’s time to pop the question.
If she wants to go out with you, then she’ll probably say yes under most circumstances, but you can improve your chances of getting the answer you want by picking a place that is pretty private without making the girl uncomfortable, and by picking a time when she’s in a good mood and not likely to be distracted or stressed out. This may seem fairly obvious to you, but you may be so concerned about whether or not she’ll say yes or how you’ll ask her that you haven’t really thought about what will happen after you ask the big question. Pick a time and place like after school, by your lockers, during a small party, or even after a school dance.
So, if she says yes, give her a hug, smile big, and let her know that you’re excited to be going out with her without doing a happy dance. Just wait for a slow song, ask her to dance, and ask her if she wants to be your girlfriend at the end of the song.
If you really feel shy but want to ask the girl out and have a brave friend or two who have enough charisma to talk to the girl (without charming her too much, of course), then you can have one of your buddies go up to the girl and ask her if she wants to go out with you. Call her up (hopefully you have her number already) and ask her if she wants to go out with you. You can ask her out while giving her the gift, or even prepare a note asking her out within the gift so you can take some of the pressure off.

This may sound cheesy, but if you’re able to pull it off, she’ll be impressed by your thoughtfulness and your creativity and won’t be able to resist you. If you happen to glance at the girl and you see her staring back at you, then this means that she doesn't like you, or she does like you, although she may quickly dart her head in a different direction. If she has no idea who you are or if all she has to go by is gossip or guesses, then she’ll have a less likely chance of saying yes when you ask her out. You can compliment a new outfit she’s wearing, tease her a bit (if she’s not too sensitive) or just joke around in a way that makes her see that you like her. Try not to ask her before school because she’ll probably be thinking about what she has to get done that day and may be distracted.
Confident won’t help you much if she’s just not interested, it will help you ask your question as well as you can if she is interested. While you don’t want to dilly dally too long, give it a minute or two so both of you are feeling comfortable so that you feel ready to ask her out and that she feels ready to answer your questions.
Make her see that you’re pumped to be going out with her and that you think she’s a cool girl. Remember that you want her to think highly of you even if she doesn't want to be your girlfriend.
Just make sure they know exactly what to say and that they don’t end up making you look like a wimp or misrepresent your intentions. For this move, it’s especially important to think of something that you can do together so you don’t just ask her out and then struggle to awkwardly get off the phone.
Yeah, it’ll be a little embarrassing if she says no, but imagine how cute it would be if she said yes to your chalk message!
If she makes a face and yells, "Oh my gosh, no way!" this means that the girl is grossed out with you. It simply means she likes you enough to not hurt your feelings but not enough that she's ready for a relationship. You just have to keep your head high, put a smile on your face, and remember to breathe and to let your body relax.
Just say hi, ask her how she is, and maybe think of one or two things to mention before you go in for the kill. You can also get her number from a friend of hers if she’s willing to give it out – after that, she’ll probably know what to expect when you call. Even if you’re sweating bullets or feel your stomach clenching, you have to act like you’re totally cool with talking to her – and pretty soon, you’ll see that you’ve tricked yourself into feeling confident! Though this is more bold and puts the pressure on a bit, it gives you a great excuse to ask the girl out!

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