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Span: The number of different things for which a person can be grateful for at the same time.
Density: The number of different people for which a person can be grateful for a single positive outcome. Gratitude as an (affective) trait:  A built in, personality level trait which determines how often and deeply we feel gratitude.
The initial self-report measure of gratitude (GQ-12) was extremely predictive of how much gratitude the subject would feel over the next three weeks, with a correlation of .72.
The results suggest that a grateful disposition interacts with daily emotional experience through what the authors call the resistance hypothesis.
This suggests that those that are dispositionally grateful self-generate their grateful moods and emotion, and need an extra intense dose of induced gratitude to increase the valence of their grateful mood. On the other hand, instructing participants to write down three things that went well and their causes every night for one week had a long-lasting impact. The last argument the authors bring up is that those who are more grateful are more social, and so not only perceive the environment to be more benevolent, but actually make it so by helping others more frequently and accumulating social capital. These studies demonstrate that interventions aimed at increasing one’s focus on the relationship between mind and body can also help engender grateful mindsets in people.

I am grateful that researchers are using scientific methods to prove the benefits of this powerful human trait. You usually experience gratitude as you’re checking into Be Grateful for Something or Someone.
For example, extroversion and agreeableness are both correlated with gratitude, but they are also both correlated with each other.
Think back over the past week and write down on the lines below up to five things in your life that you are grateful or thankful for. We may be better off than others in some ways, and less fortunate than other people in other ways. To explain how gratitude inducing interventions like a gratitude journal work, rather than changing our personality trait, they instead induce a mood of gratitude, which in turn gives rise to more gratitude emotions.
However, materialism in others may be beneficial, as it encourages entrepreneurship and GDP growth, and encourages wealth and status signaling (e.g.
This too is suggested by the results of several studies: those who have higher trait gratitude are more likely to be helpful, and those that implement a gratitude journal are more likely to help others.
However, when you average all the numbers together, and compare against the year the survey was given, it looks like a flat line to me.

Think about ways in which you are better off than others, things that you have that they don’t, and write these down in the spaces below. However, those in the gratitude group did report increased pro-social behavior (offering emotional support and help with a problem). Furthermore, gratitude shifts the color of that focus to the positive – not only are others effecting us, but they are doing so in a positive way. I’d love to add to the knowledge base out there and would be grateful (no pun intended) for any contact from you (or anyone) in this field, to refine and share ideas. However, there are surveys which measure levels of gratitude, like the Gratitude-Questionnaire 6.
Check-ins to other habits related to gratitude like Write Three Positive Things About Today and Gratitude Journal also have a similarly high chance of getting props.
Still, it is unclear how the feeling of gratitude is displaced from the benefactor to others.

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