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But for as much as I know about all this I’ve come to the conclusion most stable women will chose emotional attachment over trivial shallow things. But they also want a guy who is sexually confident and aware of it enough that he’s not afraid to use it when the time is right. The mind and physical part of a woman work together and ┬átherefore you must challenge her both ways.
There’s no guarantee it will end all our fears with women but we CAN understand how important it is to take certain risks with women, at the right time, and especially done the right way. Because most women are looking for confidence in a man and sexual confidence more specifically.

Have the sexual confidence to understand or believe how integrity is more than just trying to be different from the rest.
How our integrity will tested in ways to make us a stronger more capable version of our self along with the highest integrity. Not only a high sought out commodity in the world but a man’s whose beliefs mean more than just an opinion to the woman next to us in bed. Tons of great tips and advice on how to attract women without any cheap tricks or player games.
Earn respect from women and learn how to be the attractive man women actually do want… Stop being NICE and start being REAL to see immediate results.

Maybe you're 23 and already feeling totally confident (awesome!), but here are five reasons you'll probably just feel better and better in bed as your twenties progress and turn into your thirties. To be honest, you'll probably always be a little nervous with a new person, but after a few notches on your proverbial bedpost, you feel like you know the drill a lot better.

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