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With just eight questions (each with eight answers), the quiz only takes a few minutes to complete. You and Belle share a love of reading and an understated determination that would make the pair of you a force to be reckoned with during book fairs. The two of you share an appreciation for the pure things in life, like magic and tiny animals who sew. A shared sense of ambition and adventure means that you and Ariel would get along swimmingly.
If your soulmate is a reflection of who you are inside, then this a huge compliment, because Mulan is inspirational, brave, and loyal.
You two would be legendary hosts, considering your combined baking skills and the cleanliness levels you maintain.

Your sweet spirit and impressive diplomacy make you a friend and ally to all, most especially Punzie. Get the latest Disney news, quizzes, and more fun stuff delivered straight to your inbox with the Oh My Disney Newsletter! A new interactive website—that’s totally independent of any company and is completely free—called 8^8 wants to give people the chance to meet someone they would otherwise have a 1 in 16 million chance of meeting.
This means that your so-called soulmate could very well be in the form of a best friend and either gender—not necessarily someone who is compatible with you in a more complementary way.
Plus, if you two decide to collect anything together, your collection is all but guaranteed to be the most impressive collection of that thing in existence. Hanging with Poca would never be boring, and you could count on her level head to get you through any pickle.

Plus, if you can keep up with Rapunzel during her usual morning lineup, you can get more done before 7:15 than most of us get done all day.
Be our guest and put your knowledge to the test with trivia and personality quizzes that you can take and share with your friends.

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