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Some parents may find themselves in a position where their child is already experiencing low self esteem.
Take every feeling of wanting to hurt another individual or self seriously whether it is a physical threat or even the threat of "not want to be someone's friend anymore." There are certainly strong feelings associated with these scenarios and these are opportunities to teach self-control and how to resolve conflicts within relationships in a healthy way. When a child has the foundation of a healthy self esteem, it can take them a long way through life and prepare them to face trials and challenges with a sense of capability to overcome and work through them.
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It is the way you think about yourself, the way you look at yourself - your self-image and self-regard.
If such people don't exist as real and live persons in your own life, then pick them from the books that inspire you and motivate you or attend workshops and seminars where people who share your dreams congregate.
Your self-esteem will influence your sense of self-confidence and how you relate to others. You can offer a helping hand to another, helping him across a hurdle, but you can't carry other people's burdens indefinitely.

Having your own role-models, people who have accomplished what you desire to accomplish, people you admire, people who stimulate you to become more, to develop your latent abilities, who push you upward, will help you to overcome hurdles when going gets rough. When you have a healthy self-esteem you'll treat yourself with self-respect, acknowledging that other people may have different views than you have and that your view are just as valid.

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