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One of the things I have to get used to this fall is hustling my daughter out the door for kindergarten. Parfaits are delicious and hearty, and you can pack them with healthy things like granola, yogurt, and other treats — like my family's favorite, Del Monte Fruit Burst Squeezers. For a sweet flavor, try the apple cinnamon variety. I often layer the ingredients in a Ziploc bag, hand my daughter a spoon, and we're out the door!
To eat them on the go I simply toast them, cut them in half, and swipe them with butter and syrup.
When I whip them up at home, I blend yogurt and berries, or a big squeeze from a Del Monte Fruit Burst Squeezer, and pop them in the fridge. Pile a whole bunch of Fruit Burst Squeezers in a bag, and let the kids pick one while their eyes are closed.

Just this morning, I made whole grain toast (rubbed with garlic), then topped with smashed avocados, tomato, Brisling sardines and scallions.
I eat a small orange (Clementine for preference) and an egg wrapped in a small corn tortilla for breakfast every morning of my life. My plan, I hope, is to have breakfast ready for her each morning so she can eat a nutritious meal before getting in the car. As a solution for the time crunch, I simply make my own mix to blaze the trail to school — often with dry cereal, pretzels, and maybe a couple of chocolate chips for a sweet touch. I don’t balance my breakfasts very well and would probably just eat a pound of cherries if I had them in the house-haha. These squeezers are great because they contain natural fruit purees and juices, and, in some cases, veggie purees.

With the morning rush often extending even to weekends, it's hard enough to get everyone where they need to be on time, let alone enjoy a seated meal together. But a healthy breakfast is still an important part of every day, especially for growing bodies.

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